You/Lena Luthor

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Summary: You come with Lena to the office

AN: Based on a prompt by _xLuthor

You and Lena have been dating for a couple of months. The two of you had agreed to keep everything on the down low. Mainly due to the fact that her life was constantly threatened and she didn't want to put your life in any danger.

Today was suppose to be Lena's weekly off day. She was such a workaholic that you had to put your foot down when she would always come home late at night. Lena was called in for an emergency meeting and because this day was suppose to be about spending the day together, you went with her. Once the meeting finishes, Lena suggested to head out for dinner so you dressed up and waited at her office until she came back.

"Are you suppose to be here?"

You hear someone ask from the door.

"I am. Lena said I could wait for her until she got back."

You figured this was Lena's new secretary. The last one ended up betraying her and Jess had been promoted.

"I don't have anything to do. I actually just needed to just turn in some papers before I headed home." She placed them on the desk and moved to sit besides you. Too close that the two of you were almost on top of each other. You always tended to be a little shy so you didn't say anything.

"I'm Emily and you are?"

"I'm (y/n)."

You tried moving away from her but she just scooted closer to you.

"Well (y/n), have you eaten dinner? I'm starving and I could go for some food." She stops and leans in close enough that she was almost kissing you. "Maybe even some dessert." She whispered.

You were uncomfortable and the only thing you could do was shake your head and hoped that Lena's meeting would end already.

" thank you. I'm actually going out to eat with Lena."

She raised her eyebrow at you and laughed at your answer.

"Oh honey, her meetings take a long time. The day will end and she would still be in there. Come on. My treat. I'll take you to the best restaurant in town."

She was getting bolder after you declined her. Her hand was moving up and down your thigh and her lips were as close as possible to yours. You could feel her breath on your lips and all you wanted was to push her off and run to Lena's arms.

"What is going on in here?!"

You gasped and jumped off of the couch when you heard her. You could hear the anger and jealousy from the tone of her voice.


She asked once again, looking between the two of us.

"I was simply asking Emily here out for dinner."

She answered thinking she hadn't done anything.

"Get out! Grab your things and don't bother coming back here."

The girl that had practically assaulted was shocked to hear how angry Lena was that she just ran out of the office without looking back.

"Are you okay, sweetheart?"

She was back to using her sweet tone. Cupping your cheek, she made you look at her as you answered.

"I am. Thank you. I should have pushed her off but I panicked and I don't know what happened."

She pulled you in for a deep kiss to stop you from rambling.

"It's okay. I should have come in earlier to check how you were doing."

Although you thought Lena had gotten over what had happened, the two of you spent the rest of the day and night in her office. She made sure you knew that you were hers and marked your neck to show everyone who you belonged to.

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