You/Chloe Decker - Reveal Part 1

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Summary: You like to do some harmless flirting

It's been so long since you had met the detective. The two of you had hit some bumps in the road but had managed to fix things when the two of you became good friends. Despite being friendly with each other, you loved to annoy her. It was simply due to the fact that you liked getting a reaction out of her. 

Her reactions would range from either getting annoyed at you for inappropriately flirting to flat out just playfully hitting your arm. Nothing ever came out of it as it was just harmless and you knew that deep down she liked hearing your attempts. 

Chloe had first hated you. You were cocky when she had first met you and despite the whole angel thing, she never had fallen for you. Sure, you made her laugh and she knew that you genuinely cared for her but she could never fall for you. Your attitude ruined things as you were far too cocky for her taste.

Things started to change as you continued to flirt with her. She didn't see it as a big problem when you had first done it as it was harmless but the constant compliments would get to her. They weren't all about her body and sex related things. They were usually about how beautiful she looked and such. It had been a while since someone had actually done things like that. She forced herself to snap out of it as she couldn't develop feelings for you. You were an angel for christ sake. A goddamn cocky ass angel that did whoever they wanted. She wasn't about that life. Chloe had a daughter to take care of and that's all that mattered.

You had been to another one of the crimes scenes, being pushed against the wall by one of the crime scene investigators when Chloe arrived. 

"What's going on?"

"Oh, she was just showing me how she believed they got shot."

You pointed towards the body and then gently pushed the other girl back to talk to her.

"Well she was far too close in your personal space, she could have just talked to you about it."

"Darling, you know how I prefer seeing things than being told about them."

Chloe rolled her eyes and moved over to inspect the body, completely ignoring you. You didn't think much of it, assuming something had happened in the morning. Probably didn't get to drink her usual coffee and such.

You were getting much more suspicious of Chloe when she had had barged into your home when you weren't answering. You covered the girl up, giving her all the blanket as you stood naked in front of her. 

"May I ask, what you're doing in here?"

Her cheeks turned bright red but despite you being naked in front of her, she didn't turn away. 

"Y-you weren't answering your phone and I got worried."

You raised your eyebrow at her and led her to another room to talk to her.

"You can usually wait until the morning. What's going on Chloe? Are you okay?"

You moved your hand up to touch her forehead but she slapped it away.

"Nothing. Is going on. I just came to check if you were alright but I can see that you're more than okay. I'll see you tomorrow then. Bye." 

She tried to head out of your apartment but you grabbed her arm to keep her from leaving. You needed answers and you weren't going to let her leave without them. You looked at her directly in the eyes and began to ask your usual question.

"Tell me, Chloe. What do you desire the most?"

"Oh please. You know that doesn't work with me. Now could you put some clothes on if you're not letting me leave?"

She said finally covering her eyes after a while.

You crossed your arms and looked down at her.

"Don't act like you don't like what you see."

"I don't! Not everyone falls for you. You're just another one of those people that thinks everyone does but you're not. You're ego is as big as your head and you think everything is about you."

"Woah. No need to insult me. I didn't mean to upset you. Just hold on."

You walked towards the closest of the room and put on one of your spare robes.

"There. Much better?"

"Yes. Now I really should go. I have to go pick up Trixie."

"Chloe? Chloe! Please tell me what's going on."

She looked over to the closed door of your room and shook your head.

"Maybe later. I'm not about to confess my feelings when there's a naked girl in your room."

You were too shocked about what she had said that you didn't stop her from leaving. This was unexpected.


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