You/Katie McGrath - Caught Part 1

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Summary: You come with her to the SDCC to have some time with Katie. Avoiding fans from seeing the two of you together seemed harder than it sounded

AN: Prompt by: lmaodrag15

Katie and you had been extremely busy this summer to manage flying out to see each other. She had filmed throughout her break and her filming schedule for Supergirl hardly allowed her any time to travel out of the country and return on time. You had started on a new project and had been assigned team leader and couldn't step away as you were needed to oversee that everything was going according to plan.

When you heard that Katie was coming to San Diego, you were beyond excited. It was only an hour away from home and therefore would be able to go see her after getting out from work. The only problem that the two of you would be facing was the fact that you and Katie would be needing to avoid any fans or photographers from seeing the two of you together. When you had started dating, both you and Katie had agreed that keeping the relationship from public would be a good idea. Your job fired anyone for the sole reason that they would do something inappropriate online and you knew your life would be scrutinized if word got around that you were dating Katie. Katie was simply a private person and hardly revealed anything. Her birthday had yet to be posted. That's how private Katie was. Neither of you had an issue with it as both your friends and family were aware about the relationship.

The idea was for you to come over both days after coming back from work but what you didn't tell her was that you had been given the weekend off. Therefore when Katie had arrived, you were there to pick her up.

She greeted you with a hug and a kiss after making sure no one had followed the two of you out to the parking lot.

"(y/n)! God. I missed you so much. I thought you would get out of work later on?"

"Originally, yes but for some reason my boss decided to give me the weekend off and I wanted to surprise you with the news."

"I'm not even going to ask why you were given the weekend off. I'm just glad I'll be able to spend the day with you."

She gave you the directions to the hotel and closed her eyes as you drove her to it.

Katie must have been exhausted from the plane ride that you had to wake her up after parking the car. She checked in and although you wanted to rent another room, she refused. Even if you wanted to, every hotel in the area was filled to the brim.

"I really don't want to go to this party, I'm exhausted and I just wanted to spend the night with you."

"We will get to spend the night together. Just not how we wanted."

"I know. I know. I can't complain. Let's start getting ready. We can't be late."

The two of you liked to match so it was no surprise that both of you had worn an entirely black outfit. Yours was a simple black (suit/dress), while she wore a form fitting dress with thigh high boots.

"You look gorgeous."

"Thank you, darling. You look gorgeous as well. Wait, lets get a picture together. I doubt we'll be able to get one at the party."

She asked Melissa to take one of the two of you and thanked her after handing her back the phone. You greeted everyone else and let everyone go before you did. It sucked that you couldn't go in with her but it did give you a chance to see how well the dress hugged her ass. Apparently Katie knew you could be looking that she simply smirked after catching your eye. You blushed and headed back inside the room to wait a few minutes.

After enough time had gone by, you headed to the party. You had to admit that being around large crowds wasn't very comfortable for you but you reminded yourself that you did it for Katie. You weren't sure where she was so you bought a drink and talked to random people. Katie came around with Andrea and Nicole so it wouldn't look suspicious for randomly coming up to talk to you. It might have looked like all five of you were talking but you and Katie were talking quietly amongst each other.

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