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Maybe We're Crazy by benslerlovin
Maybe We're Crazyby Bensler Lovin'
Liv comes own the stairs to find Brian yelling at Elliot after almost 2 years...
Stork (SVU Fanfic) by BenslerForever1
Stork (SVU Fanfic)by Gean Bean ❤️
Elliot gets shot while on the chase for a perp and does not make it. He does, however, save his partner's life. Kathy, now widowed, cannot find the strength to take care...
We Know What You Did by DrSpoonie
We Know What You Didby Dr. Spoonie
Chelsea Carisi lost her mom a year ago. She had been living with her stepfather and things seemed to be okay, until they weren't. When her stepfather starts abusing her...
Olivia Benson's Niece by colormelee
Olivia Benson's Nieceby colormelee
One day, Olivia Benson's now teenage indifferent niece shows up and her father is nowhere to be found. Can Olivia save her or will she send her away?
From Shadows to Light by absolutbarson
From Shadows to Lightby Christine
Premise: Barba gets shot, critical condition Timeline: After season 24, they haven't spoken in over a year, she hears about it on the news. He is in a coma. She regrets...
Forever Love by IntelligentMani42
Forever Loveby Mani💋
One day all of the guys come over Liv's apartment to drink and hang out. They play truth or dare like a group of teenagers. Then Fin dares Elliot to kiss Olivia. Suddenl...
Don't Let Him Take Me by briellepuleo
Don't Let Him Take Meby .
Maya is a 12 year old girl who is in the 7th grade. She is abused by her father. One day she goes to school where the SVU detectives are putting on a presentation. They...
She will be loved ~Bensidy  by MarinaShipper19
She will be loved ~Bensidy by MarinaShipper19
"I am not a victim" Olivia never thought the tables would turn and she would become the victim. Now, she was trapped in a situation she doesn't know how to ha...
Constellations (svu Fanfiction) by justMikaylaT
Constellations (svu Fanfiction)by justMikaylaT
Olivia's past comes knocking in the form of a set of teenage twins.
Detective's Daughter by Haylie_Marie_
Detective's Daughterby Hayz
What is it like being the daughter of a detective? Read to find out.
Adoptive Family by Tia567
Adoptive Familyby Tia567
Disclaimer: I don't own any svu characters. When Don Cragen finds a little girl getting abused and wants to adopt her what happens? Bensler friendship and Bensidy romanc...
Saving Bradley (An SVU Fanfiction) by buttaz_
Saving Bradley (An SVU Fanfiction)by buttaz
Sergeant Olivia Benson goes to a high school with the SVU squad for a presentation. What happens when she crosses paths with Bradley Collins? There is smut in this, its...
How Did I Get Here by WhyIsTheQuestion
How Did I Get Hereby WhyIsTheQuestion
Set at the end of season 12/beginning of season 13. Something so little and meaningful creates something she thought would never happen. But now shes alone. What can she...
Partners by AdrienneSummers
Partnersby AdrienneSummers
Elliot Stabler has it all a beautiful wife, Olivia Benson of eight years. They've known each other for twelve. The couple have three gorgeous children, two girls one boy...
The Healing Process: Adopted by Olivia Benson by BellaPasticcio
The Healing Process: Adopted by Ol...by BellaPasticcio
Bristol has been abused her entire 12 years. She had to grow up fast, and learn how to stay alive. When Bristol is rescued, and whisked away into the only place availabl...
Ruthless by naydoug
Ruthlessby LunarWolf
In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felon...
It's us against the world by Justice22xo
It's us against the worldby Justice22xo
Based on promo for the crossover of SVU and Organized Crime. Benson's past comes up during trial and Elliot has to figure how to deal with everything with the trial.
Don't Get in a Stranger's Car (SVU Fanfic) by BenslerForever1
Don't Get in a Stranger's Car (SVU...by Gean Bean ❤️
"'Y-You don't wanna mess with me,' my voice quivers. Why am I not as brave as my mom? I back up. 'I have a whole group of cops that'll get your ass in a m-minute fl...
Olivia Benson x Reader one-shots  by marchtomydrums
Olivia Benson x Reader one-shots by Marchtomydrums
Just a series of short stories between you and our favorite detective. Some stories are rated M. (**) While others are fluffy stories including Noah. Sorry in advance fo...