You/Morgana Pendragon

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Summary: They find you and Mordred using magic.

AN: Prompt by: FoscaCooman

All you knew was that Mordred could count on someone in the castle. You helped him out of the forest and into the castle in Camelot. The biggest challenged you faced was getting inside the castle.

Once inside Camelot, Mordred asked for the help of some boy named Merlin that will help the two of you hide. Since, he didn't have much time to find a better place for the two of you to hide, he begged Morgana to hide you while the guards searched other places.

Morgana didn't even think twice when Merlin asked to help hide you. She knew how Uther will kill anyone that practiced magic and ever since she saw that execution outside of the castle, she hasn't been the same. All she knew was the a child and his guardian needed help.

"Quick, before they see you."

Just as she had closed the wardrobe door, guards started knocking on Morgana's door to be able to check the room. You were quite impressed with how easy she was able to handle them to avoid searching for you.

"Thank you. You saved our lives."

"I find it ridiculous that I have to hide someone for the sole reason that they practice magic. There are plenty of innocent people that practice it and don't to anything wrong."

"I know, Lady Morgana but there's nothing we can do about it."

Morgana managed to able to keep the two of you a secret for a few days but someone saw Mordred in her room before she closed the door. Morgana couldn't do anything but claim that she had no idea that you were hiding in her room. She didn't even look your way when they dragged you outside and into the cells.

You were throw in the darkest cell of the dungeon. Your magic was taken away by some type of bracelet that blocked your magic and you couldn't escape without it. Uther truly hated those who practiced magic because he hardly brought you any food or water for the two of you.

Merlin and Morgana tried their best to keep you fed but it was almost impossible to avoid detection from the guards.

Finally, a week later, you and Mordred were dragged out of the cells by the guards and brought in to the throne room. Morgana still had yet to meet you eye as you looked at her, desperate for her to help you.

"The two of you have been charged with committing the crime of using magic. There will be no trial as we have witnesses seeing the two of you use magic. You will be executed tomorrow morning."

You begged and pleaded Uther to at least let Mordred go but he didn't listen. He sent the two of you away back into the dark cell. Mordred and you were quiet. You tried to distract him earlier but he kept quiet and didn't respond to anything that you asked of him.

You were sure it was late in the night when you saw Morgana at the cell door, unlocking it. You rubbed your eyes, believing that you were hallucinating or dreaming, but she was real.

"Morgana? What are you doing?"

"What I should have done days ago. Come on, Merlin is distracting the guards, we need to get out." She blew out the torch and led you down a series of hallways and doors until you arrived near a gate that led out of the city.

You were about to turn around and thank her for what she had done but was surprised to find her closing the door behind her.

"What are you doing?" You whispered to her loudly.

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm coming with you."

"You can't. Uther needs will search to the ends of the world for you. You have to stay."

"Uther will kill me when he realizes what I truly am. I'm coming with you whether you want me to or not. Besides that's not the only reason why I want to come with you."

She tilted your head up to face her and leaned in to kiss you softly.

"I couldn't look you in the eyes because I felt responsible and helpless. I came to Merlin with the plan to free you and Mordred. I've been wanting to kiss you since I first saw you and I can't help myself"

She never looked away from your eyes as she talked. You had gotten lost in hers and could hardly concentrate on what she was saying.

"Let's go. It won't take long for Merlin to run out of excuses as to why he needs the guards."

She took your hand and led you down the familiar path she would take whenever she wanted to escape Uther but this time, Morgana wouldn't be coming back


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