You/Katie McGrath

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Summary: The two of you go to your first pride parade.

It had taken a lot of convincing from Katie for you to join her at the parade. You weren't comfortable with a lot of people surrounding you. She was patient and completely understanding of it, making sure that you knew that you could always back out at the last minute.

You didn't. You had promised to come to the parade with her and you weren't going to disappoint her. She helped pick out your outfit and made you change while she did as well. You clearly weren't expecting to match with her  as she came out of the bathroom wearing the exact same outfit as you. She smiled at your expression and pulled you in for a kiss. "I just wanted to show the world that you're mine." Her comment made the butterflies in your stomach go crazier and it took another 30 minutes before either of you pulled away from each other. "Come on. We'll be late. You know I hate being late." You let her lead you out of the house and into her car.

You weren't sure what you were expecting but this wasn't it. This was much better than what you thought was going to happen. You had expected for someone people to come protest the parade but you were happy to say that there weren't any. Just a lot of happy people celebrating. You and Katie were stopped by several people that had managed to recognize Katie under her glasses. You didn't mind taking a picture of them as you saw her smile as she kept on being greeted by fans. The two of you were eventually let go and soon headed towards the parade as it was going to start.

Katie made sure to take a lot of the picture during the event and a lot of them consisted of the two of you kissing. You were still shy about doing it in public since you knew someone would eventually capture the two of you kiss but you didn't seen to mind today. Today was a celebration and you weren't going to let anything ruin it.

The rest of the day was a complete blast. Katie made sure to plan a lot of activities after the parade had ended and by the time the two of you got home, you were exhausted. It wasn't until the two of you were laying in bed that Katie showed you a picture that Nicole had sent her.

It was the two of you kissing in front of one of the flags with the caption 'Cutest couple ever'.

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