You/Elizabeth Carruthers

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Summary: You save her from Samuel Grant

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Elizabeth was a force to be reckoned with. She was intelligent and beautiful. Something that you had never heard of. You were in awe of her and would always bend over backwards for her. She had taken a chance on you along with your brother and you owed your life to her

Her marriage was a total sham and everyone in the household was aware. Elizabeth had only married so that she could continue running her dead husband's company and you were impressed of the lengths she went to to continue running her company smoothly. Although, she had chosen to marry you brother, you couldn't help but think what could have been if she had chosen you

Your job was mainly to follow her and her husband around whenever her servant was not available. You were mainly okay with it as it wasn't too difficult to do but after hearing the noises coming from her bedroom, you wished you had been assigned to work in the warehouse.

It was easy to ignore the noise but you could feel how hot your cheeks had gotten of hearing their sounds of pleasure. When the door was opened, you forced yourself to look ahead, not wanting to meet her eyes.

You gulped loudly as she decided to stand in front of you. Her eyes had a way of seeming like they could figure out your secrets. You simply smiled and asked her if she needed anything.

"Come. We have some business to attend to."

You didn't question her and followed her out of the house. A few minutes later, you had arrived at Samuel's place. She simply told you to wait for her here without any further instructions.

The moment you had seen that man come out in chains, you had a bad feeling about something. Elizabeth had yet to come out and you were starting to worry. You looked towards the entrance and noticed it had been left unguarded and rushed inside. Once you had gotten in, you started hearing her screams. These weren't of pleasure but of terror. You had grabbed the closest weapon to you and rushed inside to find Samuel chocking her. Without any hesitation, you slammed the decoration on his head and continued bringing it down on his skull. Elizabeth had to pry you off of him once she realized that you were completely out of it.

"You saved me." She whispered to you while wiping the blood away from your eyes and lips. You had gotten lost in her eyes and didn't snap out of it until she started tracing your bottom lip with her thumb.

"I've always been attracted to you, (y/n). Much smarter than your brother but yet still easier to control. You would do anything for me, right."

You nodded without hesitation and she smiled. A few seconds later, you felt the softest pair of lips against yours and it was amazing. Her lips might have been soft but her kisses were rough.

With the two of you running out of breath, she pulled back from the kiss, pushed you to lay on the floor to straddle your waist. You were about to reach over and wipe away the blood that had gotten smeared on her face but she stopped you.

"No. Only I get to touch you."

You let your hands fall to the side, where she took them and placed them on her waist. You knew that Elizabeth was a tease but didn't expect for her to also tease her kisses. You whined as she brushed her lips against yours. She was so close but yet so far away.

"We must go. I promise to reward you when we arrive back to my house." She whispered to your ear.

True to her word, Elizabeth had rewarded you. Allowing you to kiss her while she played with you. Teasing you endlessly without actually giving you any other pleasure but to kiss her. It might have been pure torture but you loved every second of it.

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