You/Daenerys Targaryen

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Summary: Takes place in Dragonstone.

You and Daenerys have been seeing each other in secret. No one knew that she was seeing her new Hand of The Queen. Tyrion had probed to be useless at his job as he kept on saying ridiculous things to save his sister. This allowed you to be able to better protect her.

You were livid when you discovered that Varys was trying to poison Daenerys. You rushed to tell her and soon she ordered for him to be brought to her so she could execute him. Thins were much better for the two of you when he was taken care of and it allowed for the two of you to successfully take over King's Landing. Cersei was executed in the same manner as Eddard Stark and despite the refusal from the North to bend their knee, they ended up bending for their new Queen.

Daenerys was much happier and so were her people. The two of you continued to see each other in secret as Daenerys was afraid that they would end up hurting you. You tried to reason with her but she refused. Despite only able go spent a small amount of time with her, you were more than happy to be able to be with her.

The night were especially reserved for the two of you. She would have you come during the late night so you could be able to sleep together. She claimed that it was because she was able to sleep much better with her in your arms.

You spent the days training with the unsullied to become a skilled swordswoman. Daenerys wanted you to stop as you were afraid of you getting hurt but after much begging from your part, she relented. This proved to be useful when one of her subjects came in to kill her. You didn't hesitate to run your knife through his heart. Daenerys was shocked and extremely grateful for saving her life. This made her realize that life was short and she wouldn't want to waste another day without being able to spend time with you. She stopped caring what people would think and would actively go out of her way to spend time with you during the day. No one said anything as they remembered that she still had two very capable dragons of burning them down if they dare to insult you.

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