You/Jean Grey

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Summary: You're Captain America's daughter and go in to help take down a Hydra base.

AN: Suggested by: LadyQueenxoxo.

You begged your father to go on a mission with them. You've been training harder and harder to be able to go out and help. Your dad had never approved of the training but there was nothing he could do as you tended to be quite stubborn.

"Fine. But you listen to everything that I tell you and you wear this."

You had simply planned on wearing an all black outfit with a mask but this was a better upgrade. The suit he had for you was much similar to his except instead of having a mask that covered most of his face, yours just covered your eyes. You gave him a hug and quickly suited up to join the rest of them.

The rest of the team kept complimenting you on the suit and even congratulated Steve on the design of the suit. What you liked most about your suit was the shield that it came with. Your favorite part of your dad's suit had been the shield. It was made out of the toughest metal in the world and it could practically withstand anything. You were really looking forward to trying it out.

After arriving near the location, you noticed there was another jet, it looked familiar but you couldn't quite place it.

The ones inside the jet, started coming out but all you could pay attention to was the redhead. She was beautiful and you couldn't take your eyes off of her.

"...and this is (y/n). She's here to assist if anyone needs help."

This brought you back to reality and started listening in to your father's plan. Everyone was broken into teams and you weren't sure whether it was luck or not but you were paired with the redhead.

"I'm Jean."

"(Y/n). Nice to meet you."

"Yeah. Yeah. Lets head inside."

After getting into position, chaos began to occur. All you knew was that you were grateful for having Jean to watch your back. Thanks to the training, you were able to easily hold yourself well in battle. The shield cane extremely handy and used it for the most part, once your floor had been cleared, you turned to face Jean. You trie calling her name but something had managed to distract her.

"Jean? Jean?! Come on, we have to go."

This seemed to snap her out as she followed you. Along the way, there were more Hydra agents and they were quite easy to take down. The shield was a god send and made sure to remember to tell your dad that you were grateful for it.

"I really love your suit and shield. If I'm not mistaken, are you related to Captain America?"

"Erm yeah. He's my dad."

"Your dad? That explains a lot."

She didn't elaborate as we were bombarded again with Hydra agents. Everything seemed to settle down after this wave so you dragged her inside an empty room and waited for further instructions.

It was quiet and awkward for a few minutes. Jean was mainly staring at you and you weren't sure why.

"Do I have something on my face or what?"

You ask a little irritated.

"As a matter of fact, you do."

She walked over to you and tucked in a strand of your hair behind your ear.

"You know, when I said that I love your suit. I meant that I really LOVED your suit."

She emphasized the loved. Jean let her hands slide down to your back pockets and slid them. This caused you turn a bright shade of pink, not really what to do.

"And I wanna know what you look like without a suit."

She leaned in close enough to kiss you but then was stopped when you heard your dad come in.

"Get out of there! You have 5 minutes before the whole thing blows up."

"I will! I'm already on my way out."

Jean heard him loud and clear and used her powers to safely get the two of you out. The two of you landed near the jets with the others. You were about to head back to yours when you suddenly smacked into an invisible wall.

"I want to continue from when we left off. I'll contact you."

You weren't sure how she did it but she managed to kiss you without yelling at you to stop. He was overprotective and didn't really allow you to date until he was sure they were good people.

"Bring the suit with you."

She said before leaving. All you knew was that you were glad your dad had given you the new suit.

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