You/Amanda Rollins - Savior

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Summary: She saves you

Prompt by: Reynacasarez551

Your father was the definition of evil. He hurt you in more ways than one and some days you just wished it would all end. That someone or something would stop the pain he caused. You would often space out when he beat you so badly that you spent hours on the floor just waiting for the pain to pass. 

You would retreat to your mind and dream of someone that would rescue you from this hell. It had almost happened when you stumbled upon this gorgeous detective that to this day you still daydream about her. 

You would think about all this kinds of scenarios that often led for you to get saved. It always ended in you kissing the girl and it was the only thing that kept you going. She was the only reason that you were still alive and you hopped that one day you would see her again.

Today, had been particularly brutal for you. Your father was always so careful to avoid hitting areas where people might see but he just didn't seem to care anymore as he just ended up hitting you in places that everyone could see. It's why you finally cracked and decided to leave. You couldn't handle it anymore. You had to get out and find help or else no one will.

You slowly changed into some clean clothes and left the house as he drank himself to sleep. It was a struggle to even walk as you were disoriented. People didn't stop to ask if you were okay as it just seemed like you were on drugs.

Time flew by as you slowly made your way downtown. You weren't even sure what time it was when you arrived and you knew that if you kept like this that you would eventually pass out. 

Your head was spinning and the more steps you took, the closer you were to passing out. You kept telling yourself just a little longer but it was no use.

You rested against the window of one of the shops and turned around to try to get the attention of anyone inside. 

Amanda and Olivia had stopped at their local coffee shop to get their caffeine fix. They had just finished wrapping up a particular brutal case and they needed some rest. They picked up their coffees and choose a tablet that was facing the window.

It's how Amanda ending up spotting you a few minutes later.

"Oh my god. It's her! It's the girl we've been looking for."

She left her coffee and rushed out the shop as she made her way over to you.

"(Y/n)?! (Y/n)?! Stay with me. I'll get you some help."

You forced yourself to stay awake as Amanda kept saying random things about herself. You just smiled as you heard her. Her voice was soothing and it reassured you that everything was going to be okay. 

Amanda had called an ambulance and arrived just in time as you passed out. She didn't want to leave you alone and climbed on with you. 

Your injuries were quite serious and so they had you in the hospital for a couple of weeks. You were in and out of it for the most time. The only thing constant was the fact that you would always wake up to Amanda or Olivia watching over you. It helped keep you calm, more so especially when you would wake up to find Amanda.

"Not that I don't mind having you here but why are you here?"

You asked her during one of those days you were able to stay up. She was surprised as you would often not say anything as she talked about her day.

"I wouldn't want to be alone if I was in your situation."

You didn't say anything after that. Just content that she was here. You had developed feelings for her as you heard her stories and continued to support as you were in the hospital. You just wouldn't act on them because you didn't want to lose one of the two people that you now had in your life. 

It's been almost a month and you were now getting released. Your father had been arrested after the information you had given Amanda and so you didn't have to worry about him anymore.

Olivia had been the one to pick you up after you were released. 

"So where's Amanda?"

"She had to finish up some paperwork for your father's trial. She said that she might come over when she's done. Are you sure you don't want me to come in with you?"

"I'm sure. Thank you again for everything."

"Don't even mention it. I'm glad you're doing much better."

Olivia had noticed you smile a little wider when you heard that Amanda would come over. She didn't want to get involve but she figured the to of you had developed feelings for each other but knowing the two of you. Neither of you would take the initiative.

"You should really ask her out. She likes you too."

"I uh have no idea what you're talking about."

"Mhm. It's just something to think about."

She left soon enough and you just headed to your room, thinking about what Olivia had said. Maybe she was right. 

It was close to 4PM when there was a knock at the door. You figured it was Amanda considering she was the only other person to know about this place. 

You stood up and went to open the door.

"Do you want to go out on a date with me?"

"Will you go out on a date with me?"

The two of you asked at the same time causing you two laugh as you realized what had happened. 

"Did Olivia say anything to you?"

"She did and I'm glad. I would love to go out on a date with you."

A date happened at a later time. For now, the two of you just spent most of the week holed up in your hotel room with a bunch of room service as the two of you got to know each other better.


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