You/Katie McGrath - Halloween

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Summary: You go dressed as Supergirl 

Prompt by: lmaodrag15

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You were running late as always, your friend Melissa had decided to do a halloween party and since you were in town, had invited you. You honestly think you weren't going to go but your schedule had been cleared up and it's why you were shopping at Walmart for a last minute costume. 

The universe was really against you when you found out that none of the costume were really your size until you came across a Supergirl one. You almost wanted to just call Melissa and let her know you weren't coming but you knew she would be upset with you if she knew that you had a chance to come over. 

You grabbed the last costume and quickly paid for it, changing in the bathroom and then rushing over to her place. 


"Oh hush. It was the last costume I could find. Don't flatter yourself."

She rolled her eyes and pulled you in for a hug. 

"Liar but I'll let it go since you're already late and missed out on half of the party."

Melissa led you to the bar and poured a drink for you to catch up with everyone else. 


A couple of drinks later and you were practically drunk, your speech was slurred, you were finally feeling relaxed and you were dancing along with this sexy as hell woman that had dressed up as a vampire. She looked vaguely familiar but you couldn't really tell over the fact that the two had been kissing and making out the entire time. 

You were both practically grinding on each other until eventually Melissa had to pull you both apart in fear that you two might have taken it too far. 

It's when you realized you were kissing none other than the actress that was playing Lena. It made you a little nervous considering you had like the biggest crush on her but you played it cool. She was just another person. 

"Let me get you another drink."

She nodded and made her way over to the couch as you went to go pick up another drink for you and her.

"I got you yo-- Ah shit"

Someone had bumped into you, managing to make you spill some of your drink on her.

"I'm so sorry. It was by accident."

 "No worries. It wasn't a lot."

"I'd rather get you wet another way"

"Oh god. That was terrible. Lets go find me a shirt so you can make it up to me for that."

You quickly nodded. Grateful that she didn't dwell over it before making your way upstairs to Melissa's closet. 

"Here. I doubt Melissa will miss it."

You had expected for her to head to the bathroom to change but she just removed her cape and changed in front of you. Not caring over the fact that you were staring.

" should go. Let you finish getting changed."

She grabbed your arm, pulling you against her as she kissed you.

"You ruined my shirt. I think it's only fair that you make it up to me."

Her lips were practically a few centimeters from yours. You could feel her breath against your lips and you had no idea what she was saying. All you wanted was to lean in and kiss her but she pulled back. 

"You can make it up to me by going out with me on a date."

"A date?"

"Mhm. Give me your phone."

You unlocked it for her before she took it and typed in her number.

"There. I'll be expecting a call."

You quickly nodded, watching her as she left.


Melissa ended up texting you after you had headed home. 

"(y/n), people seriously think that I was kissing Katie! Why did you decided to go for the blonde wig!"

"To mess with you but no worries. I ended up taking a picture with her. I'll ask if she's okay with me posting it to clear some things up."

It took you a long time to figure out what to text her, before finally deciding on just straight out asking the question.

"Is it okay if I post the picture of the two of us in Melissa's party. Someone posted a picture of the two of us making out and they think it's actually Melissa."

"By all means. Do post it."

Followed by another text.

"After an hour. Melissa stopped us from kissing and I'm sure she can wait a little while."

Katie was just too perfect. 


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