You/Daenerys Targaryen - Happy Part 1

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Summary: You fall in love with Cersei 

Prompt by: Reynacasarez551 

'She doesn't love you.'

'She's using you.'

'She's going to dump you for Robert'

'You're wasting your time'

Were just one of the daily things you would hear from people. You knew that they cared about you but you were head over heels in love with Cersei. She was your definition of perfection. She was everything you ever wanted in your partner and more. She was always so in control and it attracted you. Her ability to render you useless with just a few words were what had made you fall in love with her. 

Cersei really had no interest in you. She was only using you so you could have her back when she needed you to. She was always like that. One step ahead of everyone. Much like her father, Tywin, they were both so cold and manipulative. 

Her ability to manipulate you was the reason why you refused to believe any of the words they told you. They would often come tell you about the fact that she was cheating on your with her brother but you didn't pay attention to them. They were brothers, Cersei wouldn't do that to you. She loved you and you trusted her.

You had arrived at Casterly Rock to surprise Cersei. It had been ages since you've seen her ever since you had been shipped off with the Lannister army to deal with some rebels and you missed her so dearly. 

You greeted Tywin formerly before making your way to Cersei's bedroom, where Tywin had told you she had been for the past hour.

You pushed on the door, expecting for it to open, only to find that it was locked. It was weird to find it under lock as Cersei would only do so at night. You listened in to see if she was inside but when you didn't hear anything you headed back down with Tywin, where he assured you that Cersei would appear sometime soon. 

Cersei smiled when she heard your retreating footsteps. 

"What a fool. I can't believe she actually thinks that I'm being faithful to her. The rumors about me cheating on her are enormous. She really can't be that much of an idiot."

Jamie shushes her as he continues with what they were doing before they were interrupted. 

"Be nice. She's useful to us."

Back downstairs, you were currently discussing the events that had transpired with the Lannister army with Tywin until he eventually excused himself to attend some formal business that he could just not miss. 

You just smiled and waved him off as he stepped out of the room. You hadn't realized that it had been almost an hour since you checked on Cersei and you figured it was time to see if she had woken up. 

As you approached the door, the louder the grunts and moans kept getting. You felt your heart start beating faster and although you had a vague idea of what was happening, you tried to be optimistic. 


Your heart broke the minute you heard Cersei's distinctive moans through the door. You couldn't forget something like that. You wanted to barge in and kill him but you needed to clear your head. Think things through before you did something rash and ended up letting yourself get killed. 

You rushed out of the castle, taking your horse with you and riding as far and as fast as possible away from Cersei. 


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