You/Katie McGrath

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Summary: The two of you have a kid together

AN: Prompt by: lmaodrag15

You and Katie had been married for over a year when the two of you figured out that you wanted to raise a kid together.

Since the two of you were healthy to give birth to the baby, neither you or Katie could figure out who would be the one to carry the baby. Katie would be filming so you insisted on carrying the baby. She did not like that at all. It's not like she didn't want for you to carry the baby either but there was something in her mind telling her that she should carry the baby.

After much convincing, it was decided that she would carry the baby. It didn't take long for her to go through the procedure of getting pregnant and the next thing you knew, the two of you were going to be moms.

Katie took a break from filming once she started showing and spent most of her time at her. She wanted to keep private about this so she would hardly go out unless she was in disguise.

Since she hardly went out, you were the one who would go out and get her anything that she wanted. She tended to ask for the most strangest things but no matter how weird they were, you would always go get them.

The two of you were on your way home from the store when her water broke. You raced to the hospital and within hours, Emily (l/n) was born.

Emily had been the perfect angel since she was born. Katie and you had prepared for sleepless nights but Emily would surprisingly sleep peacefully. There were a couple of occasions where she would wake up but those were rare.

She grew up far too quickly and the next thing you knew, you and Katie were dropping her off for her first day of Pre-K.

"Don't wanna."

Emily mumbled against your neck. Katie and you have been outside of the door for the past couple minutes to try to get her to stay.

"Sweetheart, we promise it'll be fun. Don't you wanna play with the other kids?"

Katie tried to convince her to let go but all she did was shake her head. This was surprising as Emily had always been a well behaved.

"I promise to buy you a toy if your good on your first day."

You whispered to her knowing Katie wouldn't approve of your methods. Emily was spoiled by both her moms and most of Katie's coworkers. So Katie had been trying to ease off on the spoiling.

"Okay! I'll be good."

She wiggled in your hands and you let her down. With a quick hug to the two of you, Emily made her way inside the classroom. Neither of you wanted to leave but you had to as Katie was officially going back to work full time and so were you.

"Please don't tell you me you said you'll be getting her a new toy."

She took your silence as confirmation and playfully hit your arm.

"This is the last time. She already knows she's spoiled. We can't let her know that she can practically do whatever she wanted."

"You're right and I'm sorry about the toy thing."

You leaned in to kiss you after you parked near her trailer.

"I should be done before she comes out of school. I'll give you a call and then we can go ahead and head out to pick her up."

You agreed and left to work soon after. You left the office early and made your way over to pick up Katie and then Emily after. Emily was already waiting by the front door when the two of you arrived.

"Mom! Mommy! I had so much fun."

The two of you smiled as she kissed both of your cheeks.

"We're happy, sweetie. Tell us all about how much fun you had."

While she did, you started driving to the local toy store so she could pick out a new toy. Meanwhile she did, you and Katie were a little off to the side as you watched her try to figure out what kind of toy she wanted.

"I want another kid."

You say out of nowhere.

"Me too. I wanted to bring it up to you but I figured we should wait. This feels like the perfect time to have another. Emily already started Pre-K and we're both doing well in the financial apartment."

Once the day had finished, you and Katie talked at night to figure out what would happen. After much arguing, it was decided that you would carry the baby this time.

The procedure was done within a week and months later, you gave birth to Jack (l/n).


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