You/Melissa Benoist - Crush Part 1

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Summary: You get a part on the show. Despite your best attempts to hide your crush, everyone seems to know that you really like Melissa.

AN: This was suggested by SgHp124

Ever since you got the call of actually getting the part, you've been on cloud 9. It had to be one of your top shows that you've ever filmed and it had nothing to do with the fact that your ultimate crush played the lead.

You actually had no idea who you were playing until you had signed the papers. You've always been someone that took their job to the extreme so the week before you made the move, you binged watched all 4 seasons.

The one thing that always managed to catch your eye was Melissa. There was no denying that she was absolute gorgeous and the suit she wore for the show made her look irresistible.

You either had the shittiest luck or the best one because the first time you met Melissa, she was was wearing her Supergirl outfit. You only got to say a quick hi before bolting out of there. Thankfully, your role was to play as Lena's secretary and so you didn't have to interact with her so much.

"Did Melissa say something to you?"

You hear Katie ask you one day while you were on your break.

"Oh uh no. Not at all. Why do you ask?"

"Because she's been asking everyone if you had told them something that she had done. I won't be surprised if she eventually gets the courage to ask you in person."

You didn't have a chance to ask what she meant as you were called back into set. What you had forgotten throughout the day was that today was going to be your first time filming with Melissa alone. You were not prepared for that but it helped that you remained professional and finished the scenes without any problem. You quickly hurried to get back to your trailer but was stopped by a hand pulling on your wrist and taking you inside another one.

"Ow what the h.. Melissa!"

Out of all the people you expected, she was not one of then. She looked to be a little annoyed but there was something else that you couldn't tell.

"What is it? What did I do? Whenever I try to approach you, you either leave or refuse to talk to me when someone is with you."

She had her hands on her hips like Supergirl's signature pose and you couldn't help but get lost in your thoughts. Imagines of her out of the suit filled your mind that you were startled when she clapped her hands in front of you.

"Do you hate me?"

You blushed brightly and shook your head, you could barely look at her in the eyes after what you kept imagining.

"Wait. So if you don't hate me."

Her eyes widened in realization but the shock quickly wore off as she gave you a teasing smile and move to sit on your lap. Your blushed deepened and you couldn't help but be turned on after everything. She noticed your eyes darken in arousal and without any warning, pulled you into a deep kiss.

The two of you were so lost in the kiss that you didn't hear Chyler knocking at the door.

"Meliss... Oh! I see you're busy. I just came to tell you that you're needed back on set."

She rushed out of the trailer and didn't wait another second to tell the others what she had seen. They all had bets going on as to how long it would take for the two idiots to realize they liked each other.

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