You/Lena Luthor

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Summary: She gets jealous of you spending a lot of time with Alex

AN: Prompt by: ninoskavilch

You and Lena had been dating for a while now. She had introduced you to her friend group were you ended up meeting Alex. The two of you got along really well that it was no surprise to anyone that you had become best friends with her. Soon enough, she was inviting you to hang out with her alone.

Most of the nights, whenever she would invite you, she would take you to bars. Nothing happened as she enjoyed trying out the several drinks and liked having someone to talk to. Lena had been fine with it as she knew that Alex would take care of you in case something happened.

Lena tended to be quite protective of you as her family was always trying to kill her every week. The relationship between the two of you had first been kept a secret but soon enough the magazines ended up finding out about the two of you.

Everything about your life had been revealed. Who you had dated before, where you worked in, who your family and friends were. Nothing had been left out. This gave the rest of the Luthor family what they needed. A way to hurt her. Several kidnappings later and you were now used to the danger that came with dating a Luthor. You loved Lena and nothing would keep you away from her.

Lena had been working on something new that would help protect you in case her family would try to kidnap you again. Since she was so busy, you spent more time with Alex. The two of you were great friends, liked the same things and overall just enjoyed each others company. Alex's girlfriend had also been just as busy as Lena that it allowed you to spend more than the usual amount of time you spent with Alex.

It was during one of your nights in with Alex that both Lena and Maggie had decided to barge inside your apartment. Maggie had knocked down the door and rushed inside with Lena in tow.

"What the hell?! Do either of you mind telling me why I no longer have a front door?"

"We don't have to explain ourselves. The two of you have some explaining to do."

Lena threw a magazine with the cover of you and Alex at one of the bars you had tried out a few days ago. The picture that they used made it seem like if Alex was just about to lean in and kiss you when in reality she was leaning in to point out where the piece of mint had gotten stuck in your mouth.

You crossed your arms and glared at Lena. The expression she had went from being furious to a little intimated. She might make men and women on the board room cower in fear with just a look but you beat her. Lena hated it when you used it that she knew she was in serious trouble if you ever did use it on her. Alex had a similar look while glaring at Maggie.

"Lena, I expected better from you. You know these magazines just want the people to eat up the rumors and you fell for it. Alex was showing me where the piece of mint had gotten stuck."

Your explanation made her feel really bad for jumping to conclusions. Maggie didn't even have to listen to Alex's explanation to know that she had been wrong as well.

"It looks like we'll have to reschedule potsticker night."

A few seconds later and Supergirl/Kara barged inside your apartment.

"Nooo! I was looking forward to it. Why are you canceling it?"

Maggie and Lena attempted to slowly back out of the apartment, they knew not to mess with Kara's potstickers.

"These two idiots thought that we were cheating on them and of course we can't let them get off with a warning."

Kara turned to glare at the two of them. They knew it was really bad when Kara would glare. She was like a puppy, she would just pout until she got what she wanted.

"Fine. Tomorrow night. Fix whatever the two of you did."

Kara, Maggie along with Alex left. It was just you and Lena at the apartment.


"Oh don't even start. I love you Lena but sometimes you tend to have the craziest ideas."

She sighs and leans in to kiss you. You return the kiss, not being one to reject a kiss from her. She might be in the doghouse but you wouldn't suffer because of it.

"You were just spending a lot of time with Alex that the magazine started to make sense."

You groaned loudly and pulled her towards the bedroom where she was reminded of how much you loved her and how she was yours.

You gave her an innocent smile as you watched her try to cover up the hickeys. Served her right for thinking that you would ever cheat on her.


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