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Madeline (Adopted by Katie Mcgrath)  by LucyHughes910
Madeline (Adopted by Katie Mcgrath...by Lucy Hughes
Meet Madeline May O' Connor, she is just a 12 year old kid living with her neglective abusive foster parents 'The Andersons'. The only kept the girl all because of one t...
What am I supposed to do now? Lena x Fem!Reader by lenaluthorscouch
What am I supposed to do now? Lena...by Anna
(Y/N) has been with Lena for 3 years now. Ever since she started working at catco and Kara introduced them to each other at game night, they started dating. (Y/N) is pla...
The Kryptonian and Her Kryptonite by Kandi_Bug
The Kryptonian and Her Kryptoniteby Kandi Bug
Kara Zor-El and her older twin sister Bexley Zor-El are sent to Earth at the age of 13. They're sent to protect their baby cousin Kal-El but end up getting trapped in a...
Supercorp Oneshots by LesbianWithTea
Supercorp Oneshotsby Lesbian With Tea
Just some Supercorp (Kara x Lena) oneshots that came to mind! I'll be updating this whenever I get a new idea. Make sure you also check out my three part Supercorp serie...
You/Character Sibling (Requests Closed) by SimpleTimes1
You/Character Sibling (Requests Cl...by StepOnMeKDLL
Stories about you being a sibling to a character. Send me prompts. Will do any male or female.
My Non-Baby Daddy by kokimonstr25
My Non-Baby Daddyby frkonatr1225
Melissa and Chris' marriage is on the rocks. The deep rocks. When they decide to split ways things get messy when it comes to their newborn son Huxley. Melissa goes to h...
Billionaire Love by lenaswhvre
Billionaire Loveby lenaswhvre
a lena luthor x reader story just read it i'm bad at descriptions
Celebrity imagines  by multifandomxyelena
Celebrity imagines by Multifandomxstories
Imagines/one shots of celebrities and some of their characters as well Slow updates
Heart In Two Worlds (G!p Natasha Romanoff x Stark!Fem!Reader x Lena Luthor) by N_Delregui
Heart In Two Worlds (G!p Natasha R...by K.S. Delregui
"You are a lot of things, Natasha Romanoff, but a monster is not one of them." "There are thousands, if not millions of Earths that is out there in the mu...
The Kryptonian Way ||  Supercorp love story by IsabelleMage7000
The Kryptonian Way || Supercorp l...by Msfxrestxrm
Kara is exposed to a purple kryptonite substance from her home planet, turning her into a Male. She goes to Lena for help. Lena doesnt know Supergirl is Kara Danvers in...
Celebrity Imagines (Requests Closed) by BigBadSofty07
Celebrity Imagines (Requests Close...by AlwaysHungry
*REQUESTS ARE CLOSED FOR NOW* All sorts of celebrities will be added. gxg bxg And even bxb will be added if requested Mostly femreader unless stated other wise *I do...
lena luthor one shots (female reader) by bowedwards
lena luthor one shots (female read...by delirious
note: * on titles means nsfw content i think about this woman and imagine fake scenarios with her every night so. IM COMPILING THEM HERE :D i'll update whenever i fee...
𝐼 𝒸𝒽𝑜𝑜𝓈𝑒 𝓎𝑜𝓊✨ (TeacherxStudent gxg) by maysali14
𝐼 𝒸𝒽𝑜𝑜𝓈𝑒 𝓎𝑜𝓊✨ (TeacherxS...by Jade Baker
Jade Baker, a new girl in town, falls in love with 2 sisters who are actually, Her principal and History teacher. And She is forced to choose between them..who will she...
Damn Feelings! by Dkanndal
Damn Feelings!by Dkanndal
Feelings are so complicated and dangerous... But the most dangerous of them all, the one you can't control no matter how much you try, It's Love. Yes! love.... Ironic, r...
The Test Subject (you /Lena Luthor) by rainbowwerewolf
The Test Subject (you /Lena Luthor)by rainbowwerewolf
3 years ago Y/n escaped project CADMUS after being used as an experiment. Now, years later, someone is trying to find her again...
Supercorp by froznapples
Supercorpby Sam
Kara Danvers meets a city girl who challenges her and forces her to face the realities of this world. [Author's Note] Thank you for the support! This book is currently i...
A Luthors Favorite  by Katie_McQuotes
A Luthors Favorite by Kara leaned in ;)
Kara walks into CatCo like a casual day expecting everything to go on as usual. But to her surprise she finds out someone bought CatCo. That woman was nine other than Le...
Saving Lila (Adopted by Melissa Benoist)  by LucyHughes910
Saving Lila (Adopted by Melissa Be...by Lucy Hughes
This is the story of a girl named Lila, she was born into a broken family, an alcoholic father and drug addicted mother, both super violent and aggressive. Lila was abus...