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Reality by kokimonstr25
Realityby frkonatr1225
Katie has always acted as herself on and off the screen. Except for whenever Melissa was around. She often felt the chemistry between Supergirl and Lena Luthor, but real...
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The kid Lena Luthor x Reader by hissing_roaxh
The kid Lena Luthor x Readerby Hissing_roach
Just read it I'm bad at summaries and descriptions
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The Kryptonian Way ||  Supercorp love story by IsabelleMage7000
The Kryptonian Way || Supercorp l...by gaybitchass
Kara is exposed to a purple kryptonite substance from her home planet, turning her into a Male. She goes to Lena for help. Lena doesnt know Supergirl is Kara Danvers in...
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Lena Luthor/Reader by Katie_Luthor
Lena Luthor/Readerby P. | Editor/Writer
Just Short Stories Into One Book. -[Highest Ranking: -[#4 in katiemcgrath - November 2, 2019 -[#14 in lenaluthor - November 26, 2019
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If you say so by supercorp_luthor
If you say soby supercorp_luthor
If you say so ~ Lea Michele
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A supercorp tale by Jules231
A supercorp taleby Juliaa
Lena is crushing on Kara... Hard. But she notices another woman that also has a crush on Kara. Will she make the move or will the mystery woman do it first? FYI's: Jame...
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Don't Let Go ▶ LENA LUTHOR² by shadymcgrath
Don't Let Go ▶ LENA LUTHOR²by 𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐚
in which lena luthor's life becomes a whole shit show *** (supergirl season 3) a lena luthor's daughter and lena luthor's sort-of-daughter-but-not-really fic
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Adopted by Katie Mcgrath by BeccaFaust
Adopted by Katie Mcgrathby Becca
Clemmie is a 15-year-old girl living in an orphanage in London. She's lived there all her life due to her dead parents and absent brother. After a day in the park, Clemm...
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Supercorp/Supergirl - Short Stories/Scenes/One Shots by Justakid444
Supercorp/Supergirl - Short Storie...by Justme444
The title should really give enough of a description. It's pretty damn gay.
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Midnight hour - Supercorp by raddy3
Midnight hour - Supercorpby SuperRed
Overwhelmed, Supergirl seeks the young Luthor to find some semblance of comfort. She's tired and overwhelmed and goes to the one person she feels she can let her guard d...
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One shots - Supercorp by raddy3
One shots - Supercorpby SuperRed
One shots all Supercorp related, some fluff, some drama and some smut. If you have any ideas or suggestion please do send me a message. Chapters : Powerless (mature) Red...
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mad hatter; b. wayne by -artemiis
mad hatter; b. wayneby proud freak
⌊mad hatter⌉ are you crazy? ─ just a little bit... english; bruce wayne [justice league] cover by lovely EbbyWhite_Avenger7 © -artemiis | 2019
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In My Dreams by kokimonstr25
In My Dreamsby frkonatr1225
Kara Danvers was trying to maintain her normal life. Although strange dreams start to haunt her every night. Some she doesnt mind.... Others are terrifying. And they all...
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You/Katie Mcgrath and others Imagines by SimpleTimes1
You/Katie Mcgrath and others Imagi...by WhatAWay
I'll be doing a series of imagines for celebrities or characters that you ask for. Let me know what you want it to be about and who. Also only doing f/f roles as I do no...
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Sacrifices  by Justakid444
Sacrifices by Justme444
When a looming threat hurts Kara's family she takes fate into her own hands, hunting down the Monitor no matter what it takes. If she can survive long enough she'll be f...
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coffee and love letters // supercorp by weakbees
coffee and love letters // superco...by weakbees
a teacherxstudent supercorp fanfic
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Supercorp Oneshots: Love Will Never Lie by sagittaire95
Supercorp Oneshots: Love Will Neve...by Tika
Go read "Heartbeat" entry. It is my favorite to write ❤ You will find a series of oneshots, whether it be a drabble(100 words), or flash fiction of Supercorp. ...
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Pirate Heart by Iknowaboutvikings
Pirate Heartby Jessica
What happens when a stranger comes to Storybrooke? How did she get here? Why is she here?..... Why does Hook feel as though he has met her somewhere before? ***********...
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In Your Head ▶ LENA LUTHOR¹ by shadymcgrath
In Your Head ▶ LENA LUTHOR¹by 𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐚
in which lex luthor's eleven-year-old science experiment worms her way into lena luthor's heart *** (supergirl season 2) a lena luthor's kind-of-but-not-really daughter...
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CHAOS WITHIN ❥ s.strange (O.H) by shaarlocked
CHAOS WITHIN ❥ s.strange (O.H)by ✎ Suu
▶ CHAOS WITHIN - ❝ It was her chaos that made her beautiful. ❞ Marvel Cinematic Universe Stephen Strange x OC Doctor Strange - AU TITANIUM HEARTS CHRONICLES copyright ©...
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