You/Katie McGrath

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Summary: You get jealous of Katie spending too much time with Mehcad.

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You and Katie had been dating for months. Everything was simply amazing. She was the love of your life and knew that you would eventually ask her to marry you.

This month was a complete disaster. For some reason, Katie had begun to spend a lot of time with Mehcad and you knew that he didn't have any friendly intentions with her. Katie was too kind and innocent to realize that he wanted more from her. He was well aware that the two of you were dating and everytime Katie had to cancel date night because of him, it made you a little angry and jealous each time.

You never said anything because you trusted Katie. She hadn't given you a reason to doubt her. Your issues were with Mehcad not her.

The cancelling of date nights had gotten much more constant and it was getting to a point where it seemed like he was the one dating her. You knew that she loved to help out her costars and so it wasn't out of the ordinary when she wanted to help the out with their lines. She did it with Melissa, Chyler, David and the rest but Mehcad was just doing it to spend time with her.

"Hey, babe. I'm not going to be able to meet you for dinner. Mehcad said he needed to just go over his lines once more as he needs someone to help him go over what he might be doing wrong."

Everything was piling up and you were getting jealous of the time he was spending with her that you couldn't keep quiet this time that she had cancelled.

"Oh right. Like he always needs help. I'm going home. Let me know when you'll have time for me again."

"Wait, (y/n), what's going on? Did I say something?"

"No. You didn't say anything. I'll let you go now. Mehcad must be waiting for you. Bye Katie."

And you hung up without another word. You left her apartment making sure to lock it behind you and drove home to take a long bath.

Katie hadn't expected for you to answer like that. You had always been understanding of working long hours. She needed to go find her and see what was going on. Mehcad was standing outside her door when she opened it to head out.

"I'm sorry, Mehcad. I can't help you today. Something came up."

"Oh. What happened?"

"Something is up with (y/n). I need to go see if she's okay."

"She's fine. Probably just being bitchy for you not dedicating your life to her."

This upset Katie. She never liked it when someone said anything bad about you.

"I don't appreciate you calling my girlfriend bitchy. Don't you dare say anything like that around me again. Move. I need to go."

Mehcad was not moving. He stood right in front of Katie and refused to move.

"No. I need someone to go over the lines with me."

"Find someone else! I need to go see (y/n)."

She managed to get through him and rushed to grab a cab to head towards your apartment. Using the key that you had given her, she walked in.


With no response she headed towards your bedroom after hearing soft music coming from it.

"Katie? What are you doing here?"

She had surprised you. You hadn't expected for her to actually dump Mehcad to come in and check on you.

"I needed to make sure you were alright. You sounded upset on the phone."

Katie laid down besides you, letting her arms wrap around your waist to hold you close.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything. It's your work and I get that you need to spend some time after finishing your scenes."

You closed your eyes as she started running her fingers through your hair, helping you relax.

"Don't apologize. What's bothering you? I know you're always so supportive but what happened earlier? Was it about Mehcad?"

You never liked to lie to her, even if it was something small. Communicating was important in the relationship and you knew that you would have to come clean.

"Yes but it's because he's doing it to spend more time with you. He always does it during our date nights and he purposely takes a long time so that you won't come home early."

Katie stayed quiet while going over what you had said. She started realizing that you were right. It seems like he was doing it on purpose to keep her away from you.

"I'm so sorry, (y/n). I thought he truly needed help. I promise it won't happen again and I'll have a word with him. I didn't mean to upset you."

You looked up to face her, leaning in to kiss her.

"Don't apologize. You were just being kind. He took advantage of that. What matters now is that you can see what he was doing."

True to her word, Katie had a long talk with Mehcad. You weren't sure what she said to him but it didn't matter as he had gotten the hint. He no longer asked for help and even managed to walk away from the two of you if he saw either of you coming. He only interacted with Katie when they filmed together.

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