You/Hope Mikaelson - Mate Part 1

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Summary: You find out Hope is your mate

Prompt by: Reynacasarez551

You hated being a tribid. It wouldn't have been as bad if they were others like you but they were practically nonexistent. You had only heard of them through made-up stories and it annoyed you. All you wanted was to meet someone you could relate to. You just hoped you could find someone in this terrible school your parents had decided to enroll you in to help develop all three of your powers. 

You ended up meeting, Hope. Another tribid that you had quickly taking a liking to. She was perfect in everyday and you just knew that she was your mate the more you ended up getting closer to her. You could tell that she felt it too but it was strange how she tried to avoid any conversation related to the topic when you even hinted at bringing it up. It was quite annoying and you knew that you had to confront her about it if it was the last thing you did. 

Since you had hung out with Hope so much, you knew her schedule like the back of your hand. You knew when she would skip or when she would go out to eat and although it might have been a little creepy had it been anyone else, you were just grateful that it helped you figure out a way to be able to talk to her without her having a chance to evade you.


You knew that around this time, she would be making her way to her dorm so you followed her up to her room, hoping that something would come out of it.

Something did come out of it, you ended up finding her and Landon kissing and it just about broke you. You could physically feel your heart breaking and you just knew that Hope could feel it to. Without making any noise, you rushed out of the school and into the forest to clear your mind. 

You thought she had felt the same. You felt so stupid for even believing that she was going to feel the same way about you. Sure, she was a tribid as well but she was practically a witch. Her other two sides would always come second. You, however were all equal throughout and it made you feel like a freak. You refused to step out of the forest until one of your friends had decided to come get you after they had all worried that you hadn't come to lunch. 

As they days went by, you could feel yourself breaking even more as you kept remembering that kiss that Landon and hope shared. It was you, the one who was suppose to be kissing her, not him. The thought of him being her mate, made your furious and you forced yourself to calm down before you shifted to your werewolf form. You were upset with Hope but there was no reason to take it out on the rest. 


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