You/Lena Luthor - Thor Part 1

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Summary: You're female Thor

AN: Suggested by: Word_upp3

"Babeee! Can you please come pick up your hammer? I'm trying to get my shirt from under and I can't move it."

You walked over to your shared bedroom to pick up Mjölnir. Placing it down on the ground where it wouldn't bother anyone.

"Sorry. I had completely forgotten about it."

"No worries. I really should build something for it. I don't want you accidentally misplacing it and someone finding it."

"That would be lovely. Thanks, love. Are you going in to the office today?"

"Yep, I promise Kara that I would let her interview me today as I didn't have any meetings or paperwork to do."

You pouted at her, hoping she would cave in and cancel it.

"Oh no, I already promise her and you know how I hate canceling."

She finished getting dressed for work and pulled you down for a kiss.

"I promise to come straight away so we can do a movie night. I'll see you later. Love you."

You mainly spent your day cleaning around, Lena hated when you did it as she would always have someone come over every two days to clean up the apartment. You didn't mind it as it kept you busy until Lena came over. It also made you feel useful as you had yet to find a job. Lena offered to put in a word for you but you wanted to get the job all on your own.

After cleaning the apartment, you began to clean your armor along with Mjölnir. It's been so long since you used it and it was gathering dust. It wasn't like you would be using it anytime soon as you felt that there were already enough heroes helping around.

"Baby! I missed you. I was actually going to call you..."

"(Y/n), I need you to come over to my office. There's something wrong with Kara."

"What's going on? Why are you whispering?"

She didn't get to answer you as you could hear people yelling in the background and then the similar tone of her hanging up.

You rushed to put on your armor and grabbed Mjölnir. You soon landed on Lena's balcony to find everyone starring at you.

"Where's Lena?"

Supergirl/Kara stepped forward and rushed in to attack you. It had been a while since you had fought so she had caught you off guard. The two of you fought until you could see that she was getting tired. Lena had mentioned once that she had lost her powers after exerting herself. You were planning on using this strategy but you ran out of time as she grabbed Lena to drop her off of the side of her building. She was getting desperate as she saw that she might lose. You threw Mjölnir at her and rushed to catch Lena. You barely made it, only catching her a few seconds before she hit the ground. She was shaking as you gently landed on the ground.

"Lena, it's okay. I got you. You're okay. I won't let anything happen to you."

You leaned down fo kiss her and gently place her back on her feet once she had calmed down. After she had assured you that she was going to be okay, the two of you headed to were Supergirl had landed.

You raised your eyebrow at her as she struggled to get it off. People watched in amazement as the Girl of Steel struggled to pick up a simple hammer.

"Get this thing off of me!"

She growled at you.

"Sorry, Supergirl but there's something wrong with you."

A few minutes later and Kara's sister came down with her team. Shooting her with with a dart that released this red mist from her.

"We'll take it from here...."

She had been expecting a name but you never gave her one. This had been a one time thing and you weren't going to put your armor again.

"Then please follow us. We just want to make sure you're not a threat either."

"I'll only come if Lena comes with us."

They had no choice but to grant what you asked for

You picked up Mjölnir and followed Lena to the van.

An hour later after signing a bunch of paperwork, you were finally allowed to visit Kara. You found her talking to Lena quietly and figured it was her apologizing for what had happened.

"Sorry. I just wanted to make sure you were feeling better."

She smiled and nodded. She was feeling better but felt bad about what she had done. If you hadn't stopped her or saved Lena then she has no idea what she would have done when she realized what she had done. Kara was grateful for the mystery girl that came to help Lena.

"I am. My shoulder just hurts from that hammer thing. What the heck is it made out of? I can carry a lot of heavy things and a hammer shouldn't be hard to carry."

"It only lets someone who is worthy pick it up. I've only been the one who has been able to carry it. It's hard trying to see how I'm worthy as I haven't done anything to help others such as you. You should be worthy as well."

"I can't tell you how many times I have to call her over to come pick it up as she loves placing it on top of my things."

Lena said without realizing that Kara had no idea about who you truly were.

"Wait wait wait. (Y/n)? You were hiding this from us? Why didn't you tell me? I trusted you with my secret. You knew I wasn't going t out you or anything."

"Because I was never planning on using my abilities. Supergirl is more than enough for the city."

She seemed satisfied with this answer and didn't say anything else.

"Can I try picking it up again? I was at a disadvantage as I was only using one hand. I also kind of  want to try it on Superman and see if he's worthy."

You placed it down on the table and let her try to pick it up. Smiling as you saw her struggle. You weren't smiling anymore when you noticed it wobble a bit.

"That's enough for today. We should go. The two of you must be exhausted from earlier. We should get together sometime."

"I would love that. Maybe we can even team up someday. I really want to see what other kind of abilities you have."

You picked up Mjölnir and carried Lena to take her back to the apartment. Her teasing you throughout the ride about how Kara had almost been able to pick it up.

Because you were petty as hell, you placed Mjölnir on her side of the bed so she could get the hint that she was in the doghouse. It just made her lay down besides you as close as possibly. As uncomfortable as it was, you didn't move Mjölnir as you liked being this close to her. You had almost lost her.


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