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My Fallen Angel. by lunarshewolf01
My Fallen Alejandra Rivera
What if Lucifer was not saved by his brother? What if he was shot? Well here is what my crazy and annoying mind has come up with. :Spoiler: Wings and Lucifer! This is...
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lucifer's daughter by vlm0924
lucifer's daughterby vicky
In which Eulb Yvi, Lucifer's daughter, travels to Earth in attempts to bring her father back to hell. Is her plan successful? What does she experience along the way? Rea...
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Deckerstar (Lucifer Fanfic) by theotherlucifer
Deckerstar (Lucifer Fanfic)by Lucifer Morningstar
Takes place after season 4 when Lucifer returns to hell. Happy ending. [Contains smut] Characters owned by Netflix and Warner Bros.
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The truth shall set you free by VeGirl
The truth shall set you freeby VeGirl
For all of you who has seen Lucifer and for all of you that will see it, here comes a version of what might happen when Chloe has seen Lucifer's devil face.
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Lucifer et Chloé by Chloe80800
Lucifer et Chloéby Chloe80800
C'est la suite de la saison 4 , cette histoire se déroule 4 mois apres le retour de lucifer en enfer
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Parallel Lines || Chloe Decker by norsestars
Parallel Lines || Chloe Deckerby ── 𝑯𝒐𝒍𝒍𝒚
𝑷𝒂𝒓𝒂𝒍𝒍𝒆𝒍 𝑳𝒊𝒏𝒆𝒔 || ❝ We got the cure, Chloe, you're gonna be okay. ❞ Started: 9/20/19 Published: 9/26/19 Completed: TBD Lucifer Timeline: Season 2 Plot: @an...
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Devil in Disguise {Lucifer} by coffeeandcops
Devil in Disguise {Lucifer}by Tam
Lucifer One-Shots. Part One of the book: It's about what happens (/should happen in my opinion) after the Season finale 'Take me back to hell' . Part Two: One-Shots and...
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The Devil and His Lover by Yukimoto-Namikaze
The Devil and His Loverby Yuki
Lucifer(TV) fanfiction -- But the human didn't care, not even the slightest, because he cherished the moments they had together, where they would whisper secrets that th...
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The Devil & The God [Lucifer&Loki Book 1]  [COMPLETE] by RandomAlex99
The Devil & The God [Lucifer& AleX
As the God of Mischief tried to escape incarceration by the Thunder God of Asgard, his reckless act hurled him to another dimension, one he has never been in before. One...
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Lucifer's Angel (GA with Lucifer crossover) by ColdBastilleMusic
Lucifer's Angel (GA with Lucifer Taylor
She stood by his side during the great rebellion, yet God did not punish her the way he punished his son. Sentenced to earth for her crime she lived among what God calle...
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☆Lucifer Morningstar Imagines☆ by _lisaromero_
☆Lucifer Morningstar Imagines☆by Lisa Romero
A series of imagines created by me with your favorite TV devil, Lucifer, from the FOX TV show "Lucifer".
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Till Your In My Arms Again by samanthaAlix
Till Your In My Arms Againby samanthaAlix
Chloe Decker and Pierce were almost married but Lucifer came and claimed her back
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Loving You Is A Challenge (Dan Espinoza) (Completed) by AceQueen7
Loving You Is A Challenge (Dan AceQueen7
"LUCI!" A voice shouted causing Lucifer aka the Devil himself to choke on his drink. "Bloody hell," Lucifer says turning around to face his baby sis...
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LUCIFER | GIF SERIES 2 by mcrningstar
LUCIFER | GIF SERIES 2by minttu!!
❝YOU ASK ME TO TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH, I'M ALREADY JUMPING.❞ In which I write small reader insert scenarios with the help of gifs once more!
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Collection of Deckerstar Fluff & Smut That Will Make You Flop Around Like a Fish by moonlight_1201
Collection of Deckerstar Fluff & Moonlight
Title should explain, but just in case: This book contains one-shots of everything Deckerstar (Lucifer Morningstar x Chloe Decker) from fluff to smut and everything in b...
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You/Katie Mcgrath and others Imagines by SimpleTimes1
You/Katie Mcgrath and others WhatAWay
I'll be doing a series of imagines for celebrities or characters that you ask for. Let me know what you want it to be about and who. Also only doing f/f roles as I do no...
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An Angel In Disguise (Lucifer Fanfiction) by CuteAsACupcake_
An Angel In Disguise (Lucifer CuteAsACupcake_
When Ellion Anderson pops out in a crime scene with no identification how will Chloe Decker and Lucifer handle this stranger, and how did Ellion find herself in her new...
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Lux ☄ Lucifer gif series by -ScarsPetrova
Lux ☄ Lucifer gif seriesby ˗ˏˋ Little Almond ˎˊ˗
❝You're Lucifer... Morningstar?❞ ❝Yes, the Devil, and much more handsome.❞ ❝Look... Lucifer, why are you here?❞ ❝For a vacation. With all these hot women.❞ ❝Right...❞ [t...
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Lucifer imagines from Tumblr by emilyiscoolike16
Lucifer imagines from Tumblrby Emily white
these are imagines from Tumblr all credit will go to the people or person who came up with it. remember Lucifer season 5 is coming. I'll keep you updated on it. I follo...
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The angel with devil horns by kiaraecreate
The angel with devil hornsby Kiara <3
She fell in love with her boss, the lieutenant, but ended up with the true boss. Not of just her sexual life, but the underworld.
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