You/Lena Luthor - sugar baby part 3

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Summary: Possibly the last part.

It's been more than a couple of weeks since you last spoke to Lena. During those few weeks, she had been trying to contact you, sending you messages and calling you nonstop. You never answered despite wanting to yell at her to stop depositing money in your account. You've finally had enough and closed both your account and phone number. This seemed to have solved your problem because you hadn't truly heard from her in a few days.

The quickest flight out of the city had been to London and you were glad. There were a lot of places to visit and so you rarely stayed at home to be sad about what had happened.

It was late at night when you heard insistent and loud knocking. You weren't expecting anyone so you didn't bother opening the door and tried to go back to sleep when you suddenly heard a loud crash and two voices by your front door.

"Where is she? You said she had been staying here for her entire."

"Lena calm down. She's sleeping in her bedroom. Try to get her to talk to you while I take her of this door. No doubt she'll be yelling at me to fix it."

You heard the two of them laugh and then the sound of Lena's heels walking down the hallway.


She called out once she found your bedroom. You simply glared at her when she walked in.

"Look I'm so..."

"No! You do not get to do this?" You waved your hand around. "You don't get to come here and barge into my apartment because you want to. Get out."

She ignored your wishes and tried walking over to you.

"If you could just gi..."

"No! I told you to get out Lena. And take whatever idiot decided to bring down my door. I was fine until you decided to barge in."

She stared at you for the longest time and eventually headed back out the door, taking her friend with her. You could hear them arguing, you didn't care what it was about so you simply laid back down and fell asleep while waiting for them to leave.

You woke up to breakfast in bed and knew who had been the one who had left it for you. It annoyed you that she ignored your wishes of leaving and was ready to give her a piece of your mind once you found her. It surprised you that she had left the kitchen spotless and she wasn't anywhere to be found.

"You know the least you could do is listen to her."

You jump, startled at hearing a voice behind you.

"These couple of weeks that she's been without you have messed her up."

You were ready to yell at her friend for breaking down the door but stopped when you noticed who it was.

"S..Supergirl? What are you doing here?"

There was something vaguely familiar about her but you couldn't spot it.

"I'm here for a friend. It's the least I could do for everything that I put her through. She deserves to be happy."

"I don't doubt that she does but I'm sure she can be happy with her friend. She clearly had no interest in me so she had no right to barge back into my life like that."

The hero stayed quiet for a few minutes and then sat down, motioning for you to sit as well. '
"Lena is complicated. She had been alone her whole life. Despite the couple of years that Lex showed that she cared for her, it was ruined when he almost succeeded in killing my cousin. She's been alone for most of her life. Her friend, Kara, was the one that showed her that she was also worthy of being loved. That she was lovable and that there was nothing wrong with her but Lena wasn't truly in love with her. She has never had someone she could truly depend on that she thought that she had actual feelings for Kara but it wasn't the case. Lena just really cared about her friend."

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