You/Katie McGrath

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Summary: Katie is a little bit preoccupied with a book.

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You truly loved Katie and the fact that her love of books came close to her love for you. You knew from the very beginning that Katie loved books. It wasn't a surprise that her house was practically a library. Sure, you read a book at least once a month but she took the cake by reading a book at least one per 2 to 3 days.

She always looked absolutely adorable while reading that your phone had a bunch of pictures of her reading. It got to the point that you took at least one picture of her reading whenever she started a new book. Katie simply laughed when she noticed the album and told you that she loved the idea. Mainly because it helped her remember what books she read.

Although she would read a lot, Katie always made time for you. With both of your jobs, the two of you barely had enough time together so the little free time the two of you had, Katie and you would always spend it together. This was always occasion unless Katie managed to get her hands on a book that she truly could not put down. These books were always your favorite. You took it as a challenge to see how far you needed to take it to catch her attention.

Katie had been waiting years for this book to be released. You knew it was her favorite book series and she was dying to find out how it ended. Thanks to your work, you had been able to get her an early copy as a gift. Once you had left your office, you made your way to her trailer knowing that she would be finishing sometime soon. The book was wrapped and left on the table so she could see it when she came in.

"You didn't?!"

You hear her yell out from the front.

"I definitely did. I knew how much you've been waiting for it to come out and I figured you would enjoy getting to read it far earlier than anyone else."

She suddenly pulled you into a hug and started kissing you all over.

"I love it and I love you. Thank you so much."

Apparently, this had been a bad idea. You had driven the two of you home since Katie started reading the book back at her trailer. You practically had to guide her out of the car as she continued reading.


You called her after an hour of her reading.

"Katie? Can you hear me?"

She didn't even manage to show any sign that she had heard you.

"I got us a new dog. I'm sure Oisin will love him. A german shepherd. You know how much I've been wanting to have one of those."

Nothing. She hardly even blinked at that.

"Mm alright. I suppose I should cook us something. You must be starving."

You laughed softly as she had still yet to hear you. With a quick kiss to her cheek, you left to see what the two of you had in the kitchen.

"Sweetie, I need to go to the grocery store. We hardly have any food and I'm sure you would rather have some real food than waffles. Did you want to come?"

Still nothing. You gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and headed to the grocery store to pick up what was needed.

Apparently Katie, was smart enough to stop reading the book for a few minutes to help you bring the groceries inside but once she was done, she went straight back to the living room to continue her book.

"Love you!"

You shook your head and began to pullout everything that you needed for dinner. Since you were trying to get her attention, you figured it was a good idea to cook her favorite.

"Babe. Dinner is ready. I made you your favorite dish."

Still nothing. Not even her favorite food would snap her out of it. You needed something to catch her attention and you knew the perfect thing. Dinner was put away after you had ate your piece and headed upstairs to put on the new lingerie set that Katie had gotten you. You weren't ready for her to see what you were hiding so you grabbed her customized silk robe that had 'Katie' on the front and walked downstairs.

Grabbing one of her bookmarks, you walked over to place it on the page she was on and closed it after. Sitting on her lap, you raised her head to look at you.

"Hi. I'm your girlfriend. Any chance I can get your undivided attention like this book of yours?"

You didn't give her a chance to respond as she pulled you in for a kiss. Apparently it had worked as she deepened the kiss. Katie didn't waste any time by taking off her robe and the lingerie she had gotten you. Her mouth and fingers had always been so talented that it didn't take her long to have you moaning out her name in pleasure.

"My turn."

She said between kisses as she tried switching positions with you but was stopped before she could.

"Oh no, you think it would only take one to make up for the fact that you practically ignored me all day."

Katie gasped loudly as you pulled her back down to your lips.

"You have a lot of making up to do and so little time."

You didn't even feel a little bad when she managed to fall asleep right when you were about to return the favor.

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