You/Lucy Westenra

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Summary: Lucy picks you as her champion

AN: Suggested by: card_queen3

You knew it was almost unheard of for a woman to join in on the fencing match but you didn't care. You enjoyed fencing and you were quite good at this.

You avoided making eye contact with anyone in fear of someone recognizing you. Once you had reached the nearest bathroom. You made sure no one was inside and locked it to be able to change quickly. The helmet was the last thing you needed to put on but before you could, you had to check that the uniform was able to hide your gender. You took a deep breath and put on the helmet to make your way inside the room where the matches where being held.

You were handed your épée and led to an area where you could practice your skills. You were quite nervous about this as this had been your first time actually coming to a match.

"Pardon me, but you look quite handsome in that suit."

You were startled by the sudden touch and turn around to find Lucy Westenra. She gave you a warm smile and motioned to your arm. You cleared your throat and made your voice sound deeper.

"Thank you, Lady"

"Westenra. Lucy Westenra but you can call me Lady Westenra. If you manage to win, I'll allow you to call me Lucy."

You smiled at her request and tried to nod.

"And you can call me (guy version of y/n). It looks like I have a few matches to win. Will I have the pleasure of wearing your colors Lady Westenra."

"How can you win for me if you aren't wearing them for me?"

She added with a laugh. All three of her ribbons were wrapped around your arm. Before leaving, she leaned in close to your ear to whisper.

"Perhaps, I'll reward you if you win for me. Maybe I'll let you into my room, let you kiss me, undress me and quite possibly let you please me."

She once again laughed and stepped back.

"Don't disappoint me (guy version of y/n)."

"I won't"

You called out as she went back to sit down on her table. You were a little distracted after hearing her voice so close to your ear but forced yourself to concentrate back in the game. The thing that you had been most nervous about was the fact that she might be disappointed that you weren't a man. It was practically unheard of woman being with another woman. You didn't have time to dwell on these thoughts as the competition began.

The first match was quite easy, you won all rounds without taking a hit. Each round you won, you turned around to face Lucy and simply bowed. Her cheers and smiles continued to encourage you to try your best.

The second match wasn't as easy as you fumbled on the first round. After that, the last two rounds went to you. Went you turned to face Lucy at the end of the match, she simply gave you a smile with a nod. You took it as a sign of her disappointment towards the match and promised yourself that the next round will be an easy win.

Much to your promise, the opponent was quite skilled. The first round went to him and the second one went to you. You were nervous about the last round but one look from Lucy allowed you to focus back on winning. With another look to Lucy, you sighed when she just simply smiled. Lucy was clearly not happy to see you fumble.

The last match of the competition was the hardest. Daniel Davenport was your opponent and he was defending his title as the winner. You glanced at Lucy before the match started to give you another boost of confidence and nodded at the referee to start the match. To avoid disappointing Lucy again, you gave this match your all and won all three rounds without any screw ups.

Lucy stood up to stand besides you and you were crowned champion and the two of you were handed your prize. With your hand in hers, Lucy led you to her table and excused herself as she led you out of the room.

"A promise is a promise. Meet me back at my place in an hour. I'll give you your reward then."

She smiled and nodded. Lucy was about to take off your helmet but was soon called by her friend before she had a chance to. She waved goodbye and followed after her friend.

You were quite nervous about this whole meeting. You had prepared yourself for her reaction and not wanting to lose your nerve. You knocked on the door.

"Who are you?"

She asked while looking at you up and down.

"I'm (y/n). Your champion."

"My champion? You're not (guy version of y/n)."

You had expected this response and pulled out her three ribbons.

"Well well well. It is truly you."

She took your hand and led you inside after closing the door behind you. You didn't say anything as she led you up the stairs and into her room. Lucy moved you close to her bed and gently laid you down on her bed.

"You held up your end of our deal. Now I must hold up my end."

"Y-you don't have to. I understand that I was not what you expected."

She smiled and started taking off her clothes until she only had her black corset on. All you could do was watch as she teased you by slowly stripping in front of you. She stopped undressing and moved to straddle your waist.

"Since I was deceived, I've decided to only give you part of your reward."

She whispered to you as she leaned down to kiss you. The two of you continued kissing until both of you had run out of breath. While you tried catching yours she moved down to kiss your neck. Making sure to leave marks that everyone can see.

"You have potential. Promise that you'll only be my champion and I'll give you the rest of your reward if you win again."

Your eyes had darkened and you were far too gone to even process what she was saying. You simply nodded.

"I promise to only be your champion, Lucy."

"Mm no. It's still Lady Westenra to you. You lied to me. You can make it up to me by continuing to win."

She smirked as she got off of your lap, leaving you all hot and bothered like that. Lucy knew exactly what she was doing. She started dressing and once she had her dress back on she took your hand and led you back to the front door.

"Until your next match, (y/n)"

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