You/Regina Mills

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Summary: She's the evil queen. You've been captured by her

You've been running for days. Food and water had run out a day ago and you knew that you wouldn't last if you didn't manage to find a source of clean water. Apparently, luck was on your side as you heard a river and followed it. What you didn't notice was the pair of eyes that had been watching you ever since you started running.

The town had been burned to a crisp. You had been the only one who managed to survive by sneaking out to the other nearest town to see someone. You headed home only to find ash scattered everywhere. The only thing you hear was a whispered 'run' and you've beeb running ever since.

The water tasted amazing. Anything would have tasted just as good as you were practically dying of thirst. It had only taken you a few minutes to feel faint and the last thing you remember was a cold laugh and dark eyes starring down at you.

You groaned loudly and tried to stand up, inly to soon realized that you had been strapped down on a table.

"Hello? Can someone hear me?"

You yelled to no one in particular. Trying to get out of the restraints was useless as they had been bolted down by some kind of magic. Your eyes widened in realization when you realized the only person who could have done this.

"Don't do that, dear. You'll only tire yourself out and I don't want that."

You hadn't realized that you were blindfolded until you tried to see exactly where that voice was coming from.

"Here. Don't bother."

A bright light blinded you and forced you to close your eyes.

"Just give it a second and you'll be able to see."

You waited a few more and slowly opened your eyes to find the Evil Queen staring down at you. The binds wouldn't give in no matter how much you tried to pull them off.

"The only way you'll get them off is by listening to me."

You quickly nodded, doing anything you could to get out of them. Somehow they would tighten against your wrist and ankles as you tried to break free.

She began to explain what your new life would be. You were to serve her in any way that she saw fit and gave you a long list of rules to follow.

"Now don't be an idiot. The last one who tried to escape the castle ended up back in a cell with no way to leave. She's down there probably regretting ever thinking of escaping me. I'll always find you so I suggest you enjoy your new position and keep me happy.

With that in mind, she released your binds and the first thing you did was kneel at her feet, facing down with your hands behind your back.

"You'll do just fine."

You felt you hair being pulled to the side and a piece of leather wrapped around you neck. A leash was attached and you were led down the hallway to your new life.

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