You/Kara Danvers/Lena Luthor - Part 2

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Summary: Continuation of part 1

AN: Requested and Suggested by: Supergayyyyy and _MG_-_-

The two were just the perfect girlfriends. They were both completely different and you just loved finding out everything about them. Since the relationship was fairly new, the three of you had agreed to keep it a secret. Jess was the only one to find out about you three since she had walked in on you kissing them goodbye before you had headed out to work. Jess was completely understanding and promised to not say a word about it. She had quickly become your favorite. Alex only knew about you dating Kara as she had caught you kissing her at Kara's apartment when she walked in without knocking.

Because of the relationship being a secret, it was hard to go out on dates together. If everyone had been free at the same time, you all went out as if it had been a friend date. To make sure that the media or anyone else did not suspect you as being a cheating girlfriend, Lena would take you out to restaurants that she rented for the night so no one would bother you. They only had a cook and a waiter working to avoid things spreading. Kara had come out to the two of you as Supergirl since the three of you had started dating and would fly you out of the city and take you to places where no one knew either of you. Lena and Kara would do the same when they went out with each other. Sometimes it sucked having to hide your relationship as you wanted to hold hands or kiss them.

Today, had been one of those dates where the three of you had gotten together at an apartment for date night. You and Lena took care of the food and dessert while Kara would occasionally try various of the things or tease either of you. Moments like this made you realize that it was worth hiding your relationship. You loved both of them and would do anything for them.

Eventually you and Lena were left alone in Kara's apartment as she had to deal with a Supergirl emergency. Dinner and dessert were are ready so you were just waiting for Kara to come back. You spent this time making out with Lena that neither of you noticed the door being opened.

"What the hell! (Y/n)! Lena! How could you do this to Kara?"

You jumped off of Lena to find a furious Alex making her way to you. You started walking back to avoid being beaten. Alex had promised to hurt you if you ever did anything to hurt Kara. Of course you wouldn't but Alex had no idea about the third member in your relationship.

"And in her apartment! I promised I would hurt you if you hurt Kara."

"Wait Alex! I can explain just give me a second."

You managed to hit the wall, giving her the opportunity to slap you hard. This caused Lena to jump in.

"Enough! We can explain Alex. I know this looks bad but we promise its not what you think."

"Not what I think? I caught you shoving your tongue down my sister's girlfriend. How could either betray Kara like that."

Lena ignored her and rushed over to you, pushing Alex to the side so she could make sure that Alex didn't draw any blood.

"Are you okay, love?"

You nodded and gave her a quick peck.

"Am fine."

Kara had heard what was happening back at her apartment and rushed to deal with the commotion. She flew through the window and stopped Alex from slapping Lena as well.

"Alex! They are telling the truth. It's not what it looks like. Just sit down for a moment. We can explain."

Alex was ready to fight the two of them but listened to Kara.

"How could you not be upset Kara? Your best friend and girlfriend were kissing each other. I'm sure if I had come kater they would have started fucking in your apartment."

Kara blushed at the thought of coming home to find the two of you undressed.

"They didn't. Lena is also my girlfriend. The three of us are dating."

Alex just stared at Kara.

"The three of you together?"

All three of you nodded. You had sat down with Lena and Kara on either side of you.

"Why didn't you tell me Kara? Don't you trust me?"

"Of course I do! You were just dealing with a lot of things and I figured maybe this was too much."

Alex sighs, feeling bad that she made Kara feel like she couldn't tell her.

"It wasn't Kara. I love you and everything about you. Including this." She motioned to the three of us. "Sorry about the slap (y/n). I really thought you were cheating on Kara."

"It's okay, Alex. I'm glad Kara has a sister like you. I could have gone without the slap though."

"Alex! You slapped my girlfriend?!"

Alex stood up and rushed to the door. A pissed off Kara was not a pretty sight

"Gotta go. Love you guys."


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