You/Melissa Benoist

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Summary: You and Melissa have been dating for a while. Melissa just auditioned for a new role that she has yet to tell you about.

The two of you have been dating for almost a year. A mutual friend had set up the two of you together and have been inseparable since then. You had even moved in with her after your first 6 months.

"Babe! Guess what? I actually got the role!."

You hear her yell from somewhere in the house. You stepped out of your office to search for you.

"Congrats! I knew you would get it. You're amazing at everything you do."

You leaned in to kiss her after pulling her into a tight hug.

"Are you planning on telling me what role you got or am I just going to have to wait and see?"

"You'll have to wait and see. It won't be for long as they had just needed to find their leading actress. I'm actually getting my script tomorrow to start filming next week."

Melissa refused to tell you what role she had gotten. The past couple of days had been torture as you knew she was dropping hints left and right.

"Will you come with me to work?"

You hear her ask in the morning after the two of you had breakfast. You quickly agreed and the two of you left to the studio.

You were clearly in shock as you walked through the set to get wherever she was going to go. You hadn't expected the show at all. You ignored the looks she kept on giving you as you walked through the set.

"Sit down and wait for me."

You didn't argue as you sat down and waited for her to come back out.

The wait was totally worth it. She stood by the door wearing the Supergirl costume for her new role.

"You look so gorgeous." You finally said after a while. She blushed at the comment and came over to sit on your lap. "You think so? I'm not too big for it?" You gasped at her question and quickly shook your head. "Never! I swear you look beautiful and it was like you were made for the role." You weren't sure how but she blushed even harder.

The next couple of hours, the two of you spent it in the trailer without any interruptions. 

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