You/Katie McGrath - Caught Part 2

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Summery: Aftermath of the events at SDCC

Your job wasn't too happy over the fact that you were now in the public eye. Your job had to do with dealing with important company secrets that when they saw that you couldn't even keep your relationship a secret, you got fired. Your boss had been a godsend. She helped you by giving you recommendations and giving you information about new places that were similar to the job. 

Katie had felt bad about the entire thing. She knew how much you loved you job and kept apologizing and sending you gifts to show you how sorry she was. But the truth was, as much as you loved your job, you wanted to quit for so long. You've been thinking about moving to Vancouver to be with Katie and this had been the perfect opportunity. With the help of her friends, you moved to Vancouver within two weeks.

You arrived in Vancouver early in the morning and before you even headed to your apartment, you went to visit Katie on set. Her friends had told you that she was currently in her trailer and you wanted to surprise her at work.

You knocked and stepped back for her to open the door.

"I told you I'm no-- (y/n)! You're really here." 

She climbed down from her trailer to pull you into a kiss, not letting go until you were both running out of breath. 

"I wanted to come and surprise you."

"You certainly surprised me. Not that I'm not happy to see you but I thought you were looking for work."

You followed her inside the trailer to better talk without any cameras surrounding the two of you.

"That's the thing. I found a job here. Well that's located here but I can practically work from anymore and the pay is higher."

"That's amazing! I'm really happy for you."

She certainly showed you how happy she was for you in the trailer. They had to come get her as she was running over 30 minutes late for her scene. She didn't want you to leave so she invited you on set to see the filming. 

"So you and Katie huh?"

You turned around to find none other than Jesse Rath. You hadn't met him before as he was a new addition to the cast.

"I am. I'm (y/n). Lovely to meet you. Katie talks so highly about her friends/costars."

"Really? I'm not surprised. She's just lovely overall."

He turned around to check that no one was paying attention before leaning in close to you.

"I don't trust you. What a coincidence it was that she brings you to one event and the two of you managed to somehow get caught. Katie is not like that. She's always so careful. I know you had something to do with those pictures that are now circling online."

You completely blindsided by him. You hadn't expected for him to be like this so you just simply nodded. There was nothing to be said and you didn't want to push anyone's buttons. You had nothing to do with those pictures and Katie was well aware.

Later on in the day, you told Katie about what had happened.

"It was weird. He seemed friendly but I couldn't believe he had said that to me. We've been dating for almost 2 years. I haven't done or said anything that would indicate we were dating like showing pictures around."

"He's just protective of me but I'll talk to him so he understands that it was my fault. I was the one that had been teasing you after all."

The next day, he came up to you, looking all guilty.

"Katie explained what happened and I'm sorry. It was just a shock to me to see that her relationship was no longer private. You know how Katie is. All private and everything. I was just looking out for her."

"Well thank you, I suppose. I'm just happy that you're actually how Katie described you."

"Sorry about that again. I'll let you go now. I'm doing another scene but feel free to give me a call or something if you ever want to hang out."

Apparently, all of Katie's new costars were like that. They would threaten you due to the fact that you had been the only person that had managed to be seen as Katie's girlfriend and they thought it was suspicious. After talking to Katie and hearing about all that she had done at SDCC, they apologized.

"So Azië should have been the last one. I don't think anyone else is going to bother you about the fact that our relationship is now known to the public. I'm really sorry about the whole losing you job thing but I'm not at the same time as I get to have you much closer. I really hated having to leave you behind whenever I visited you. Now we can spend more time together."

You certainly did spend much more time together that fans had realized that the two of you were in a deeply committed relationship. As you spent more time with Katie in Vancouver, there had been much more pictures of the two of you holding hands and kissing. It was impossible to hide form the cameras but you were just glad that you could now be with Katie without having to hide. 


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Katie McGrath - Part 2

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