You/Angelina Jolie

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Summary: Life with her

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When you were kids

You had first met Angelina during your first day at the theater school. She had been kind enough to help you learn what you needed to and ever since you've been inseparable. You both practiced your lines with each other and although you had been forced by your mom to come to this school you had realized that maybe it wasn't so bad.

The two of you auditioned for roles together but since you weren't as good, you wouldn't get the role you wanted. She was always saying how the directors were wrong on picking other people but you knew you weren't as good as the others, especially Angelina. She just had a way with the crowd and you loved going to see her at her plays. Your mom questioned why you would bother going since most of the time you didn't get a role. You would only tell her it was because you wanted to see your friend on stage. It seemed to be a good enough answer since she never asked again.

If for some reason you or Angelina missed practice, the other would come over to their house to make sure they were alright. It would eventually turn into a sleepover since neither wanted to leave.

When you were teens

You and Angelina had both gone to the same school. The two of you begged your parents to do so since you hadn't been together since theater. After much begging, they both relented. This allowed for you to get rides with each other and even have the same classes. Having much more freedom, the two of you would spent most of your days together. If for some reason you didn't it was because someone had been grounded.

Angelina would spent most of her time being grounded and she had started being the 'punk kid' at school. You never told her anything about the fact that she got tattoos or took you along to some of her crazy adventures that she would spontaneously go to. It was fun especially since you got to spend time with her alone.

Towards the end of high school, you had begun to realize that your feelings towards her had changed. You wanted to be more with her. This realization came from the fact that she had a couple of boyfriends that you were always jealous of. It never occurred to you why you would be jealous until one of the girls had said out loud to just kiss her. It was an extremely confusing year and it made you realize maybe you needed to step back. This was when you hardly got to hang out with her

She noticed but never said anything until a week before graduation.

"Did I do something wrong?"

"What? No! Of course not. Why would you think that?"

"We hardly got to spend time together. You would always claim that you were busy when I knew you were't. We have the same classes for god sakes. I never said anything because I thought you needed space but it's clear to me there's more to it."

You couldn't say anything about your massive crush on her. She had a boyfriend and you were just her best friend.

"I was busy. Mom wanted for me to start taking more responsibility so I got a job."

Which was true, thankfully. Although you only got it to avoid thinking of her. She left it at that and the two drifted off after graduation. The two of you would occasionally text each other but nothing more came out of it.


You knew from the very beginning that Angelina had wanted to be an actress. You had always supported her and always pushed her to pursue her dreams. The two of you would hardly be able to talk to one another since she was busy with her roles and you were busy with school. You eventually graduated and it opened up your schedule to be able to go visit her. Those visits allowed for you to reconnect with her and since she had begun to take more and more roles, she would be followed around by paparazzi that they would mistake the two of you for girlfriends. Angelina never confirmed or denied anything so most magazines came out with pictures and headlines about the 'dates' the two of you would go to.

It wasn't until she had gotten drunk during a particular long day at work that she started saying things out loud.

"You know. I had like the biggest crush on you."

This caught your attention. You lowered the tv volume and turned to face her.

"You did? Why didn't you say anything?"

"The kids at school had already labeled be as a freak. I didn't want them to bring you down even further. I cared too much about you"

"You know I never cared about what they would say. I liked you too much for them to ever pull us apart."

"But they did. I know you had a job and all but you would hardly want to spend time with me. I'm so sorry for what I ever did."

She started to cry and you pulled her into an embrace to get her to calm down.

"They didn't. It was my own selfish fault."

She looked up at you, questioning what you meant.

"I was jealous of your boyfriend that I had to step back or else I knew I would cause trouble for you."

"Why would you cause trouble for me?"

"Because I like you Angie. I always had and still do. But you're a famous movie star and I'm just an accountant. I'm boring and won't be able to give you what others can."

"I don't want anyone else. I want you. I've wanted you for so long."

You started to laugh and then she followed along.

"We're both too dumb for keeping this from each other. We lost so many years that we could've been together."

By this time, she had already sobered up. She pulled herself away from the embrace and sat on your lap, cupping you cheeks and pulling you in for a rough kiss.

"Guess we need to start catching up."


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