You/Morgana Pendragon - Time Travel Part 2

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Summary: You meet Lena's doppelgänger 

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You groaned loudly as you landed in the middle of some battlefield. There were sounds of blades clashing with each other and the field was practically red all around you. The men were startled as you appeared and attempted to kill you. You easily knocked them out and began to walk around and see if anyone needed help. You weren't sure why they were fighting in the first place but you didn't care. 

You had just finished patching up one of the knight when you heard a loud cry for help, you rushed off to the direction of the sound, only to come face to face with Lena. 

She was scared and you turned to look at the direction that she was facing, only to find that someone was getting ready to stab her. You didn't care who this person was, she looked a lot like Lena and you weren't about to let her get killed so you grabbed the sword of one of the fallen men and rushed over to stop him. 

You never condoned violence but when you saw the look in his face as he tried to kill her, you just couldn't help but slide the blade through his chest. You watched as the life drained out of his body and then turned to face 'Lena.'

"Are you alright?"

You asked her as you helped her stand up.

"I'm quite alright. Thank you. Thank you for saving me."

The two of you stared at each other until you were both pulled away from each other as  two men came over to attack you. You took care of one while 'Lena' took care of the other.

"Who are you?"

"I'm (full name)."

She tested out your name and you couldn't help but melt at the way she said her name. 

"I've never heard of you. You're not from around here, are you?"

"I'm not."

"Well then in that case, I'm Morgana Pendragon."

You smiled, repeating the name she had given you to test it out. You couldn't help but notice a similar reaction on her as you said it. 

"Lets go. A battlefield is no place for a lady."

You followed her out, impressed by the way she easily defended the two of you with her magic as she led you to a castle.

"What is going on? Why are they fighting?"

"We're at war to take over the castle. I'm here to take what is rightfully mine to make the lives of people better. My brother and father ruined the lives of many and I couldn't stand back and watched them hurt people."

Even Lena's doppelgänger was trying to do good. It made you smile and then you shook your head to stop yourself from thinking about her. Coming to this Earth was meant to be about forgetting Lena, not comparing her to other people. 

"I'll gladly help."

"Perfect. We always need more men and women."

You had figured that Morgana was going to send you in with the rest of the men and women but she had made you one of her advisors. 

You never questioned her why she did it but you were glad, it allowed you to spend more time with her.

Because of your position in Morgana's court. You and Morgana had gotten awfully close to the point that there were rumors about the two of you spending nights in each others bedroom. Morgana never cared about denying or confirming these rumors so they would always circulate whenever the two of you walked inside a room at the same time. 


Three years later, you and Morgana had gotten married. It was no surprise to anyone in the kingdom when there was suddenly an announcement of a crowning and a royal wedding between the two of you. The kingdom was happy for their Queen. The three years that they had lived under her rule had been pure bliss. They didn't have to worry about robbers and stuff like that nor did they have o worry about starving because the Queen always helped them. They were overjoyed to finally hear that their Queen was going to marry. She deserved a little bit of happiness after what had happened with Arthur and Uther. 

Soon after the wedding, the two of you had decided to have a baby. Both of you were on board since the very beginning and Morgana had been working nonstop with other men and women to figure out a spell so she could get pregnant with your baby. After weeks of trial and error, she ended up getting pregnant. 


It was Morgana's 5 month and you had asked for her to come with you back to Earth-38 to introduce her to your friends. You knew it had been long overdue especially since you hadn't talked to them in so long. 

"Do you really want me to go, Darling? What if they hate me?"

"They are not going to hate you, love. You're my wife and they would be able to tell you that you're an amazing woman but if you don't really want to go then we won't go. I'm not going to force you."

She shook her head and took your hand in hers.

"No. Lets go. I need to meet your friends."

You gave her hand a gentle squeeze and transported the two of you to Earth-38 were you were bot suddenly in the middle of the DEO, surrounded by men and women pointing guns at the tow of you.


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