You/Lena Luthor - Break Up Part 1

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Summary: She barely has time for you

AN: Suggested by: _xLuthor

Another dinner that Lena had missed and you had enough. You stressed to her that she should at least call you if she was going to miss but it looks like she couldn't even bothered with that.

Candles were turned off and the cold food was put away. You grabbed a coat and headed towards the only other person who knew what it was like to deal with Lena's work.

"(Y/n)? What are you doing here? I thought you had date night with Lena?"

She lets you in and closes the door behind you.

"She didn't show Kara. How am I suppose to have a date night when she didn't even bother to show or even message me."

You were frustrated, annoyed and incredibly upset. You understood that she did important work but that was no excuse for her to just treat you like that.

"I don't know how much longer I can deal with this. We've talked and she promises that it won't happen again but it's like she forgets the next day because it happens again."

Kara pours you a glass of one of Alex's wine to distract you. She leads you to the couch so you can take a seat while you let out everything that you've been holding back.

"I love her Kara. I truly do and I see myself marrying her but this is a deal breaker. What happens later on? Will she have even less time for me after marrying her? What about if we do end up having kids, is she just going to let me raise them by myself."

At this point, you couldn't hold back your tears. It was just months of frustration building up that it was too much to hold back. All Kara could was hold you close as you cried. She understood what you meant and couldn't blame you for being upset with Lena. Lena was her best friend but sometimes she could get a little too invested in her work.

"I can't promise you that it'll get better but I can promise that I'll understand whatever decision you make. If you dump her or stay with her, I'll support you 100%."

Kara had been too preoccupied on getting you to calm down that she didn't notice Lena had walked in.

"Really Kara? I get distracted and you try to swoop in. I knew you had feelings for her. I just wouldn't think you would act on them."

Kara was too shocked to say anything. It was like Lena had turned into a whole other person. You stepped in, it wasn't fair for Kara to be treated like that.

"She's our best friend Lena. You don't get to accuse her of anything that she hasn't done. Don't you dare drag her into whatever it was you were going to."

You stood up and walked over to her, wiping away the tear tracks on your cheeks. Your eyes were still red but there was nothing you could do about that. Lena noticed and forgot all about her anger.


She reached out to cup your cheek but you stepped back, away from her reach.

"Don't bother Lena. This was your last chance. I'm sick of constantly telling you to come over for dinner or message me when you won't come in but you never had the decency to do that. I'm done being your trophy girlfriend. I should have ended it the third time you bailed out on dinner."

You pulled out your keys and handed her the one to her apartment.

"Don't contact me again."

The hardest thing for you to do was walk away. It broke to hear the love of your life break down behind you but it had to be done. You couldn't continue like this.

Kara wasn't sure what to do. She called Alex to come over and help Lena while she ran off to find you, knowing that you would probably wait until you were alone to break down as well.

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