You/Sansa Stark

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Summary: You get hurt while fighting in the Long Night.

You were ready for this. You've been training non-stop with the others to prepare for the night and when the time had come, you rushed to grab you weapon.

As much as you insisted on going outside to help out, only Daenerys' army and a few select others were allowed outside. You were assigned to protect those inside the crypts while everyone took their positions to protect the rest of Winterfell.

Hours had gone by and you were exhausted. The dead just kept rising up and their numbers doubled as ours lessened.

You finally caught a break as other Winterfell soldiers helped you guards the crypts. You were helping them out as well but stopped when you heard a loud yell from inside. A couple of men helped you inside and promised to protect the door as you headed inside to see what you had heard.

Armed with your sword, you made your way downstairs to find several dead bodies and several white walkers. You struck them down without any hesitation not taking into account that the dead would rise as white walkers. Next thing you knew, your sword arm had been struck. With your spare dagger, you stabbed them in the heart and leaned back against the wall to rest.

"Are you alright?"

You hear someone ask in front of you. You open your eyes to find the Lady of Winterfell.

"Your Grace."

You forced yourself to stand up but she stopped you.

"No. Hold on. You're hurt."

She looked over to the entrance of the crypt hoping that everything had calmed down but she kept hearing swords clashing against each other.

Tyrion was called over to give Lady Sansa a hand by trying to stop the bleeding. You gritted your teeth and forced yourself to not say anything as she tighten the rag.

"It's the best we can do for now. I just need to make sure you stay up long enough for them to come down and help you."

You smiled and thanked her. Grateful that she had dealt with the blood. You were good with the sword but hated seeing blood. It was a bad combination and it's why you were rarely out in the field with the others.

Lady Sansa basically asked you several questions to keep you awake and once she noticed that you were hardly conscious she started telling you about her past few years. You were too invested in he story that you had forgotten the pain in your arm.

"Come on! Wake up. Don't go to sleep."

You knew she was slapping you but you hardly felt a thing. All you knew was that you were too tired and wanted to catch up on your sleep.

"Tyrion! Do something. We can't lose her. She saved our life."

Tyrion rushed over to the entrance of the crypts to find that the commotion had died down. With the help of the remaining women down there. They carried you up to the chambers of Sansa as she fetched someone to deal with your wound.

"I need you to wake up. I want to be able to thank you fo.. you're awake! Hold on. Try not to move. Your arm was hurt pretty bad."

You had slowly woken up to Sansa's cries. You were still a little out of it and couldn't remember what had happened until you tried sitting up by using your bad arm. You winced and whimpered quietly as you fell back down.

"It should take some time to heal. I had the best in Winterfell to come and stitch you up."

"Thank you your Grace. That was very kind of you. You didn't have to do all of that.

"None of that. You saved my life and I was simply repaying the favor."

Next thing you knew, you had a pair of lips against yours, kissing you softly.

"Sorry. I had promised the gods that I would show you how much you meant to me if you woke up and that was the only way to do so. We might have only known each other for a few hours but that didn't stop you from risking your life to save us. Thank you."

"It was nothing. It was my job to protect you."

"Job or not. You could have ignored the noises and stayed up there. Now hush and lay back down. You need a lot of rest."

The next few days were spent in bed. Lady Sansa kept you company as you healed. You liked having her around especially as she would kiss you at random times. You had come to look forward to those few moments as it made the butterflies in your stomach flutter around. Winterfell had not been your first choice to live but you were certainly glad you had made the choice

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