You/Melissa Benoist/Katie McGrath - Part 2

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Summary: The relationship goes public

The date went well. Better than you had expected that the three of you were soon in a committed relationship. The three of you had insisted on keeping the relationship a secret as it was taboo to hear of such relationships. It wasn't a good idea for either of their careers as it might keep them from jobs or you as you were barely starting.

But it was just so difficult to keep the PDA to a minimum. The three of you were all very into hugging, holding hands and kissing each other as often as you could that soon pictures began to circle online of you either kissing Melissa or Katie and so on. Theories began to form and suddenly you were being accused of being the other woman.

There had been rumors of Katie and Melissa dating but no one ever managed to catch pictures of them together doing any couple related things. In fact, they were hardly even seen out in public together but being with you changed things for them. They wanted to be out and not have to hide their relationship. Katie tended to be a much more private person than Melissa and you but she didn't seem to mind being out to the public. She hated being asked out and as much as she didn't want to play the 'in a relationship' card. It would just make things easier. 

Going online and being called the mistress, sucked. You tried to not let it get to you but when thousands of comments kept saying how you were horrible for doing this to them, you just couldn't help but start to believe them. Maybe Melissa and Katie were being too nice and didn't want to break up with you. Maybe the date that you had thought went well, was actually just a disaster and they didn't want to hurt your feelings. All these thoughts soon got the best of you and suddenly tears began to spill out.

Melissa and Katie were worried about you. They had been on set filming their scenes but everything had to be stopped when you didn't appear for your call time. It was unlike you to ever skip out on something as important as this so they began to bombard your phone with messages and calls to figure out where you were. 

After 10 minutes, they decided it was just better to go look for you and each took separate vehicles to search for you. 

Katie had been the one to find you back at your place. It was strange considering you hardly even came back here. Most of your stuff was at Melissa's or Katie's so there was really no need for you to be here. She called Melissa to let her know to come over and then headed to the bedroom.

"(Y/N)? What's going on? We were worried about you?"

You had fallen asleep after crying for so long. Her voice did manage to wake you up, so you slowly sat up, rubbing your eyes. 


Katie noticed your red eyes and rushed over to you. 

"What happened? Are you okay? Does anything hurt?"

She cupped your cheeks, moving your head around to see if you were bruised up. You gently pushed her hands away.

"I think we should break up?"

"Wait what? Break up?"

Melissa had just arrived to the bedroom when she heard you wanting to break up with them. She sat on the other side besides you.

"No. No, neither of you did anything. You were both perfect. I'm the fuck up. I'm the one ruining your relationship."

"Our relationship? You completed us. You were the missing puzzle. Why would you think that you are the fuck up?"

Part of being the girlfriend of two celebrities, communication was highly important. You took your phone and showed them the threads of them calling you all kinds of names for the pictures that were circling online. 

"Oh (y/n). We had no idea about this. Katie doesn't have any social media and I hardly check it because of stuff like this."

The two of them pulled you into a tight hug before placing a kiss on each of your cheeks.

"We love you (y/n). We'll take care of this but please promise that you'll come to us whenever you see things like this. We might not be able to remove the comments but we can certainly show you that none of that is true."

Later on in the day, when your eyes were no longer red. Melissa filmed a short video of the two of them kissing you and each other. It was enough to shut up everyone but it certainly attracted the media. 


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