You/Queen Meave - Falling

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Summary: You save her 

Prompt by: Reynacasarez551 

You were just having a terrible day throughout. Nothing was going right and you just hoped things couldn't get worse. 

You stopped in front of a tv to watch Queen Meave take down several terrorists on top of a roof. It looked like she was able to take care of them so there was no reason for you to even suit up. You figured it was just better to step back from the hero scene as using your powers in such a shitty day would not be a good idea. You took one last look to make sure that she didn't and left to a nearby coffee shop. 

There were several gasps and among a couple of 'Oh my gods' after you had ordered your coffee. Turning around to see what the commotion was, you noticed them stare at the tv that was currently showing Queen Meave falling from one of the tallest buildings in the city. You rushed out of the coffee shop to a near alley to change into your costume a shot up to the sky to catch her before she plunged to her death. 

You managed to catch her in time, just a couple of more seconds and she would've been dead.

"I didn't think you would come to my rescue."

"For you? I would move the stars."

She rolled her eyes at your response and motioned for you to take her back to the roof to take care of the last couple of guys. You helped her out and soon enough, there were several men passed out on the floor.

"Thank you again for saving me. It must have been hard putting on that suit again after everything."

"Don't even mention it. I couldn't just let a fellow member die. I'll see you later then."

You turned around to make your way back to your coffee when you were suddenly pulled back to her.

"Are you just really going to leave me here?"

You turned around to make sure the men had all passed out before turning to look at her.

"I mean they are all passed out and it looks like you have everything under control."

"I do but I would rather you keep my company while we wait for the police to take them in."

You really had nothing better to do so you relented, taking her to the edge of the building to sit on the rails. 

"Why didn't you come help me when you noticed the amount of men that I was taking on?"

"I didn't think you would need my help. It looked like you had it handled."

"Well I didn't, otherwise I wouldn't have been thrown off the building after turning my back on one of them but I'm grateful. You've ignored the calls for help from the others so this a nice surprise."

You just shrugged, letting her talk by herself. You didn't want to give any hints that you only did it because you liked her. You were a hero for christ sake's and yet you couldn't even tell the woman you like that you did. It was embarrassing. 

She turned around to look at you, really look at you. Noticing the way you looked at her as she talked and that's when she realized why you had even bothered to show up. She moved closer to you, reaching over to grab the mask from your face.

"What are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing? Haven't you heard, the hero always gets the girl."

You were confused as to what she was talking about until she suddenly just removed your mask, throwing it to the side as she leaned in to kiss you.

You didn't hesitate to kiss her as you've been wanting to do so for so long. 

"You know, we've could've already been dating had you told me had you felt."

You rolled your eyes at her response. 

"What about you? You could have said something as well."

"Well what's the fun in that. Now catch me."

"Wait what?"

She suddenly pushed herself off of the building making you rush off again to save her.

"What a thrill. I'm certainly going to love doing that and this."

She said before leaning in to kiss you midair. 


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