You/Josie Saltzman - Savior

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Summary: You have to save Hope 

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You just stood back and watched as Hope jumped into the pit. You knew you weren't going to be able to save her if you just jumped in without any help. The only thing you could hope for was being able to prove to someone that Hope was in need of help and that she did in fact exist.

As soon as you were able to get control of your emotions, you ran back to school to find help. Everyone just stared at you as you searched around the halls for Lizzy and Josie. You knew they wouldn't be able to remember Hope but you had to try.

"Lizzy! Josie!"

You ran up to them as they stopped in the middle of the hallway. Pulling them inside an empty classroom, you locked the door and made sure that you hadn't been followed.

"(Y/n)? What's going on? Why are you all dirty? Are you okay?"

Holding up a finger, you tried catching your breath. You might be a tribid but this was taking a lot from you. You couldn't lose Hope.

"I'm okay but Hope isn't. She needs our help."

"Hope? Are you sure you're okay? We've never heard of a Hope before."

"Yes you do! She goes to class with us. Neither of you remember her?"

They all looked at you like if you had grown a second head. This was useless and no amount of questioning would get them to remember her. You ignored their yells as you ran out in search of an answer to get them to remember. The more time you wasted, the harder it was going to be in order to save her. 

You grabbed all the spell books you could find and began in search of something to use on them.

"(y/n), we're worried about you. I think we should take you to the nurse and see that you're okay."

Josie and Lizzy had finally arrived after searching everywhere for you. Josie reached over to touch your arm but you pulled it away. You felt guilty but this was important. Hope was your best friend, you couldn't lose her.

"I found it!"

You began to chant the spell from the book as you got closer to them. They began to back off when they noticed how consumed you were over this but before they could get you any help they were suddenly able to remember all their memories about Hope.

"What happened? How is it that we lost our memories about Hope?"

"No time to explain, Josie. We need to go rescue her and then I can explain what happened." 

They nodded in agreement and you led them to the warehouse that contained the pit. 

"Wait. You can't just go in there. You'll get yourself killed."

"That's where the two of you come in. I need you to take my magic for one of you to be able to hear my thoughts and then the two of you pull us out."

"No. It's too dangerous. Let me go in with you."

"Josie, I can't take you with me. Lizzie won't be able to pull us all out."

With no other choice, Josie relented.

"You better come back to me."

Without a warning, she pulled you in for a kiss.

"We'll go on that date that I know you've been wanting to ask me out on. Now go be the hero."

You nodded quickly and jumped into the pit to find Hope laying in a comatose state on the ground. You picked her up and let them know that you were ready to be pulled out. Within seconds and you were back to were you had left them. 

All three of you, rushed to the infirmary so they could help her heal. Once the doctors had told you that she was going to be find, you let out a sigh of relief.

"So that date of ours."


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