You/Katie McGrath

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Summary: Katie comes to present in your class

Suggested by: Lucyh97

You hated coming to class on presentation days. They were mandatory and there was no way you could get out of them. The presenters would always bore you to death that you ended up falling asleep hallway, feeling bad when you woke up to the sound of clapping. It wasn't your fault that you weren't just interested in their particular career choice. 

You took a seat near the front this time, hoping it would make you stay awake to avoid disrespecting the presenter. 

"Okay, class. I know I said that I was going to have the director for the tv show from Supergirl but he unfortunately had to cancel. He did however have someone come fill in for him. Please give Ms. McGrath, a warm welcome."

There was no way you would be falling asleep this time. Katie had been your celebrity crush since forever and this was your lucky day. You gave her a smile as she introduced herself. 

The whole time, you could have sworn that she kept making eye contact with you. It made your heart race at the thought of being the reason why she kept getting a little distracted at times and would take a while before she went back to what she was talking about.

You tried so hard to pay attention to her speech but you couldn't help but just daydream about her. All kinds of scenarios were running through your mind.

"Alright class. Unfortunately, that is all the time we have. Thank you again, Ms. McGrath, for filling in. Your speech was rather interesting and we would love to have you back whenever you have time."

Katie looked over at you before smiling and turning to face him.

"I would love to come back. Possibly to attend your lecture as well. This class seems interesting."

"We would love that as well. Ms. McGrath has also generously decided to stay a couple of minutes more if any of you have any questions that you'd like to be answered. No questions about spoilers or there will be consequences and one question per student. I'll see you all on Monday."

He grabbed his things and headed out of the classroom as a line started forming in front of her so she answered one question per student. You got in line as well after everyone to try to sum up the courage to ask her out. You knew that you weren't imagining things and you hoped you wouldn't make a fool out of yourself as you asked her out.

You were next. You were nervous as hell. This wasn't a good idea. You rushed back to your seat and moved to head out of the classroom before she caught you.

"And just where do you think you're going."

You turned around, thinking that she was talking to someone else but soon realized she was talking to you.

"I um, have class. I can't be late."

You froze up. Despite you intents on heading out of the classroom, you just couldn't move. You just watched as Katie made her way across the room to you. She closed the door behind you so that no one could come in.

"I saw that you were in line and I just know you have a question for me that you're dying to ask."

You gulped as you noticed her smirk. It was hot as hell and it made things much more difficult for you. 

"Oh right. Just wanted to know what kind of music you listen to."

"I have a feeling that's not what you wanted to ask me."

She stepped closer to you. Tucking in a strand of your hair behind your ear while she looked down at you.

"Tell me what you wanted to ask me."

You closed your eyes. Loving the sound of her voice and her touch.

"Wo-would you go out on a date with me?"

"Now that wasn't so hard. Was it?"

You opened your eyes back up again to see her still with her signature smirk.


"Give me your number and then just send me a message for when you're free."

After typing in her number, she kissed your cheek and headed out of the classroom. Leaving you to try to put yourself back together. 

"And that's how we got together. She was and is still so shy! It's so adorable." 

You and Katie had been dating for the past year. The relationship had been kept a secret at her request and you never had a problem with that. Her friends found out about the two of you after finding you in her apartment with just a robe on. You rushed to your shared bedroom and hadn't come out even after Katie had come in to explain to her friends 


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