You/Lena Luthor - Control Part 2

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Summary: Kara finds out about your deal with Lena 

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AN: Like I said in the other one, I have no idea what this was but here you go. 

Surprisingly, the move in with Lena was amazing. Her apartment was 100x better than any other apartment you could ever own, even with the amount of money that she was giving you, it would only be able to afford you at least a years worth of rent. 

The only hard part about the entire deal was the way Lena wanted to be controlled. It was a little extreme and normally you would have been okay with it but you had developed feelings for Lena throughout the months since you had met her. It made it hard for you to get in character when she was having a particular though week but you powered through. You would practically do anything for her if it made her happy. 

You knew your rules were a little cruel but Lena had practically been the one to beg for them. It was quite strange to see the power CEO on her knees as she begged you to control her. You couldn't lie about the fact that it did turn you on a little to see that no one but you had been able to reduce her to her knees. 

Your rules were quite simple.

1. No touching you without permission.

2. Any money she wanted to spend had to be explicitly asked for

3. You would pick out her clothes 

4. You were to be addressed properly 

5. No late nights at her office

6. If something where to happen, she was to call you immediately.

Her punishments would be given accordingly and the two of you were happy with the arrangement. 


Lena was late. She knew that she was fucked. It was close to midnight already and she had several missed calls from you that she knew if she had returned them, it wasn't going to go well.

She hurried up to gather her things, not noticing the figure that was standing behind her until she was startled by the knock at her balcony door.

"Lena? Are you alright? I've never seen you like this."

"Kara! I'm fine. I just hadn't realized it had been so late and I need to head home."

Normally, Kara would have passed it off as another one of Lena's strange behavior but something about this was different. 

"I could take you home if you'd like."


She quickly clears her throat and then shakes her head. 

"I'm sorry Kara but that is not going to be necessary. I can drive home."

"I insist Lena. It's the least I could do for not coming around the past couple of days."

Lena mentally cursed herself and eventually nodded.

"That would be lovely. Thank you."

Kara flew her to her apartment, landing gently on the balcony.

"Alright. Thank you again Kara for the lift."

Lena tried hurrying Kara out of there but hadn't been fast enough to stop her from seeing you sitting on the couch with your arms crossed and a pillow in front of you.

"Lena, what's going on?"

You heard the sound of boots landing on the ground and you worked out what had happened. You stood up from the couch and made your way over to the balcony.

"It's nothing Kara. Me and (y/n), are just having a night in. Nothing out of the ordinary."

"I'm sorry Lena but what I saw is making me think otherwise. Are you sure that you want me to leave? You know that I'm here for you."

You turned to Lena, catching her eyes and silently communicating with her if it was okay for you to kind of reveal what was going on. With her permission, you spoke up.

"You see Kara, me and Lena are going to have an ice cream date night. We would invite you in but vanilla is our least favorite and we don't have it."

Kara frowned, confused as to what you were going on about so you elaborated even further.

"Kara, I know you're not that clueless. I can tell that you have a vague idea of what the pillow is for."

Kara turned the brightest shade of pink you had ever seen, she started stammering out an apology and practically flew out of the balcony, almost crashing near a building.

"Did you have to be so blunt?"

"Oh please. She's a big girl. Besides, if I recall correctly, you have a lot of making up to do. You know the drill."

"Yes Ma'am."

You smiled as you noticed her body loosen. It was one of your favorite things to watch. You loved being able to be the one that allowed her to deal with the stress and although it wasn't conventional, it worked out for the two of you.


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