You/Lena Luthor - Vampire

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Summary: You're turned by Lucy 

Prompt by: loveableluthors 

It was late. Late enough that there wasn't anyone in the streets. The only reason why you were even out so late was because of the fact that you had been visiting your girlfriend. In this era, being different from everyone meant death. You couldn't risk anyone finding out so you would sneak out just to see her. 

You noticed someone almost a block away from you but you didn't think anything of it. It was another woman and hardly any reason to panic over so you pulled your coat a little tighter and continued making your way home. 

You heard footsteps getting louder only to turn around and find yourself face to face with none other than Lucy Westenra. You had only met her once but no one could forget a face like hers. She was gorgeous except she today she seemed different. Her eyes were red and she looked much paler than usual.

"Ms. Westenra?"

She gave you a smile, showing you her fangs. At the sigh of them, your heart started to race but you forced yourself to calm down. Surely, she would be reasonable. 

"What can I help you with?"

Lucy advanced towards you, pushing you against the wall as she leaned in to kiss you. She was far stronger than you that you were unable to pull away but even then, you didn't want to. Her lips were intoxicating and you wanted more that you even whimpered when she pulled away.

She just smirked at the sounds you made and began to leave kisses on your neck. Gently biting and sucking on various parts of it until she eventually found your pulse point and sank her teeth in. You were losing blood far too quickly that you didn't even have a chance to fight back. 

After what seemed like forever, Lucy finally pulled back, wiping her mouth clean from your mouth and she let you fall.

"I'm sorry it had to be this way. I do have to eat."

You passed out before you could even respond.

When you woke up again, everything seemed different. You were suddenly laying on top of a metal table, undressed and you immediately realized what was happened. With speed, you didn't realize you had, you rushed out of the building. 

You had no idea what was going on, everything was so different, you burned just by touching any sunlight and you could hear and smell better. With no place to go, you rushed to your girlfriends place. 

She hadn't expected you to come in at this time and was shocked when she opened the door to find you in your condition.

"(y/n), what happened?"

"I was attacked by a vampire. I don't think they drank all my blood to kill me and I think they managed to turn me."

Your girlfriend turned pale at the mention of vampires. 

"Get out!"

"Elizabeth, it's still me. I'm not going to hurt you."

"I said get out! Before I call my father in here."

Your heart broke. You had never seen her look at you like this and so you rushed out of there. You ran to your place, changing into some of your regular clothes. 

Everything was all wrong now. You were changed for the worst. You were starving and everything you had for food tasted disgusting. You were getting angrier and angrier as you continued trying everything. Lucy had to pay for what she did. 

As soon as night fell, you headed out of your place to Lucy's. You knew she had eaten so there was no reason for her to be out hunting again. 

When you broke into her house, you had expected for her to be sleeping but instead of finding her sleeping form, you ended up finding her corpse. Someone had apparently beat you on killing her first and it made you furious. Now you would never make her pay for what she had done to you.

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