You/Morgana Pendragon - Revival Part 2

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Summary: Continuation of part 2

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Morgana had arrived at a cabin in the deep part of the woods. Her emotions were all over the place as she held your lifeless body. After several hours of crying, she couldn't accept the fact that you were gone. She just couldn't. It was't fair for Arthur to get anything that he wanted while she suffered loss after loss. She needed you back and would do anything to get you back.

She laid your body on her bed while she searched around the kingdom for any book related to bringing back the dead. Her sister was of great help as she took charge of gathering the ingredients that Morgana would be needing to conduct the spell for reviving you.

Most of the spells that she had gone through were useless. They wasted time and resources as nothing seemed to work. Morgause could tell how desperate Morgana was getting and she knew that something needed to happen or else she would reach her breaking point. You were the one that help keep her calm. With you gone, there was no telling what she would do to Camelot after going through all the spells she had recovered.

She tried a few more spells with no luck. Morgana was losing hope and having it replaced with anger. Anger that cause her to bring hell back to Camelot. It was the last spell she had received and gave a quick prayer to the old gods that it would work. She placed the ingredients around you and held hands with Morgause while whispering the spell.

After dying, you were stuck in a loop. Relieving your last few moments with Morgana. It was absolute hell and you wish it would stop. You would close your eyes every time, not wanting to see how helpless Morgana looked while she held you. Suddenly the loop stopped, you were no longer gasping for air and Morgana was standing besides Morgause.

"M-Morgana? What's going on?"

Her eyes widened at the sound of your voice. She hadn't expected to hear your voice ever again.

"(y/n)! Oh thank god. You're alive."

Morgana let go of her sisters hand and rushed over to pull you into a hug. It was such a nice feeling to feel the warmth in your body again.

"I really thought I had lost you. I'm so sorry for letting you down."

She started to cry as she relieved the worst day of her life.

"It's okay, Morgana. You had no idea. I wanted to save you. You trusted Merlin and I wanted you to see that he didn't trust you."

You hugged her tightly while she cried in your arms. Your fingers running through her hair while she let everything that she had been holding on to.

"We'll make them pay, my love. Merlin will come to regret ever thinking of poising you. Camelot will be yours as you're the rightful queen, not Arthur."

The three of you started planning. Morgause had managed to convince one of the rival kingdoms to fight alongside you to bring down Camelot. Morgana raised an army of the undead to help the army. Together, the three of you were unstoppable. Camelot had no idea what had hit him. Uther, Merlin and Arthur were all dead and no one else was capable to stop all three of you.

"I told you, My Queen. Camelot will be yours."


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