You/Daenerys Targaryen - Happy Part 3

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Summary: You arrive at King's Landing after capturing a White Walker 

Prompt by: Reynacasarez551

You weren't looking forward to the trip for King's Landing. You knew Cersei was crowned queen of the seven kingdoms and you just weren't ready to see her again. Yes, it had been years ago since you just left without any kind of letter but just thinking about her brought back all those feelings. 

"You don't have to come with us if you don't want to."

Daenerys tells you quietly as they all walk to the location that both parties had selected to meet.

"I'm fine. I'm just not sure how she'll react when she sees me. I ran away instead of dealing with the problem and I know she holds grudges."

She smiles and brings your hand up to her lips.

"You have me and my two dragons. We'll keep you safe."

You thanked her and followed the rest of her party to the gates of the arena. 

The moment you stepped inside, your eyes met Cersei's. You could see in her eyes the surprise of seeing you wear the Targaryen armor. You weren't sure if you were imaging things but you might have seen her be jealous. Which was quite ridiculous. Cersei had never loved you all those years ago and you doubted that anything had changed. She was still that cruel an manipulative woman you had left. 

You feel Daenerys tense up when she notices the two of you looking at each other for longer than necessary. You knew it was her possessive side acting up and neither of you could risk messing up this cease fire deal. The White Walkers were the enemy at this time. You gently squeezed her hand letting her know you were here.

The entire walk to the chairs that had been set up for Dany's party was tense. You could feel Cersei's eyes follow you and it was annoying you. She had no right after everything she had done. You couldn't wait for the day that Daenerys ruled the seven kingdoms. You were never a violent person but Cersei brought that out in you. You wanted to watch her get what she deserved. 

You weren't surprised when Cersei had refused to help Daenerys. Knowing her, she was only doing it because you were now with the Targaryen. She had seen it as an ultimate betrayal and it gave you a little sense of satisfaction when you noticed the look she had. 

The meeting was soon over and everyone started making their way out of the arena. Cersei stood up and made her way over to you to attempt to talk to you but she stopped when Daenerys pulled you in for a deep kiss. Her hands clenched, wanting to kill the Targaryen but she calmed down. She knew she would have another time to strike. 

You climbed up on Drogon with Daenerys and held eye contact with Cersei as he flew up into the sky. She was planning something and it scared you. She would always strike 10x worse than what the person would do to her. You just hoped that Daenerys wouldn't be in the middle of it all. 


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