You/Kara Danvers - Clueless

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Summary: You like Lena but she doesn't feel the same way 

Prompt by: Mirirada29

Kara watched week after week, you pin after Lena. She knew you were in love with her yet she couldn't help her feelings. She loved you and she didn't want to give you up. 

Kara willingly even helped you out in your elaborate plans to ask out Lena that always seemed to end badly one way or another. Lena's life was always in danger and the attacks always seemed to happen the night of the surprise.

You never gave up though. You really liked Lena and you figured that she felt the same way about you.

And she didn't. You were devastated when you found out that Lena had been recently dating her CFO and had kept it quiet from everyone. She came out to your friend group and although you wanted to be happy for her, you just couldn't at the moment. Kara watched as you quietly slipped out of the room and headed out of the apartment. She wanted to chase after you but figured it was a bad idea. She was in love with you and you were already heartbroken. Kara didn't want to be the rebound. She wanted to be the one to be able to call you her girlfriend.

You got out of National City. You ignored everyone's calls and messages, even going as far as throwing away your phone to avoid Winn and Lena to track your phone. You just didn't know that Kara had followed you to every place that you visited it. Kara was able to listen in to your heartbeat and figure out where you were and she was grateful for her super hearing for once. It helped her stay calm to make sure you were okay. 

It's why she was able to rush out of her apartment and to your hotel room when she heard how fast your heart was beating. The sight of the strange man holding a knife to your throat, made her see red and it took you and Alex to help calm her down so she didn't accidentally kill him. 

Everyone had already left and it was just you and Kara. All you could do was stare at the bed that you were seconds away from getting killed in.

"I'm grateful for the fact that you came in to save me but I need to know how it was possible for you to know that I was in danger."

Kara began to stutter through her answer. How was she suppose to tell you the truth when it involved revealing everything to her. Maybe she could bend the truth a little.

"I happen to use everyone's heartbeats to help me stay calm. I was listening to yours when I suddenly heard how quick it was beating and I just knew you were in trouble."

There was no reason for you to not believe her so you just gave her a smile.

"Well thank you for coming in to save me. I guess I need to pack up and head to another place. I can't stay in here any longer."

Kara knew this was the perfect opportunity to get you to come back home.

"Maybe you could finally come home. I miss you..everyone missed you too."

She added.

"I miss you too but I can't. I already have the next two weeks booked."

"Booked? Oh wait, is this a vacation now?"

"It is. I realized a week or so ago that this had been the first time taking a vacation. I needed it and it's helped me a lot."

"Oh. I should go then. I don't want to ruin your vacation."

Kara turned around, ready to head back to National City but stopped when you took hold of her wrist.

"Maybe you can join me. I miss you a lot."

"Are you sure? I don't want to impose."

"You wouldn't and I insist. Go home, pack your bags and then meet me back here. We'll head out to our next destination."

Kara's entire face brightened up at the thought of spending the next two weeks with you. She gave you a hug and promised to be back as quick as possible.

You were only expecting for her to bring back her luggage but was pleasantly surprised when she brought over flowers and chocolate as well. 

She simply gave you the excuse of them only being a gift but you knew better. Kara was hiding something.

You were right when an hour on the road trip, she confessed her feelings and asked you out on a date.

The vacation was no longer a vacation. It had turned into a romantic getaway. 


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