You/Wanda Maximoff - Hero Part 2

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Summary: You finally tell her what you want

Prompt by: Prince_Andrea7699

You've been struggling with a way to figure out a way to tell Wanda what you wanted her to do to you. It certainly did not help that she kept teasing you any chance that she could by touching you in particular places or whispering in your ear every time that she could.

Today, was going to be your first solo mission and you were nervous. Usually, Wanda or someone else would be with you but Tony finally decided that you were ready to go out on your own. 

Natasha was on the comms, telling you information about the person you were meant to take down. She kept telling you that you were ready for anything and she was sure you would complete it easily.

Which she was right, you were in and out of there in less than an hour. 

The feeling you got when you put him in one of the cells back at the headquarters was indescribable and every time someone congratulated you on the mission, you couldn't help but smile. 

Your hard work had paid off and you were officially an avenger. Something that you have been dreaming of since you first discovered your powers. 

You were currently in your room, changing into some comfortable clothes when Wanda walked in.

For the first time in weeks, you weren't nervous to be alone in a room with her.

"I heard about the mission. Congrats. I knew you were ready to go on your first mission. I am happy for you but I am going to miss teasing you every time I could. I liked making you blush."

She walked over to you, sitting besides you as she leaned in to tuck in a strand of your hair behind your ear.

"But I mean, I could still make you blush. While we're training, during breakfast, dinner and even at night."

You weren't sure if it was the high you felt after you completed her mission or the fact that you were so close that you could feel her breath on your lips but you cupped her cheeks and pulled her in for a kiss.

Wanda had been completely shocked when you kissed her, not expecting that you would just go for it. She honestly thought it would take you months to admit your feelings but this was a nice surprise.

She kissed you back as well and once you were both running out of breath, she pulled back.

"All it had to take for you to kiss me was for you to go on your solo mission? I should have cleared you a long time ago."

You rolled your eyes and gripped her shirt to pull her in for another kiss.

"Shut up and kiss me. You promised to do a lot of things and I'm expecting you to do them."

She smirked, loving this confident side of you.

"As you wish."


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