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Taehyung ft.Jungkook

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You and V or Taehyung, which was what you preferred to call him were stood in front of the rest of Bangtan. You would be lying if you said you wasn't nervous, you're heart was beating rapidly as you anticipated what could happen next.

You and Tae were about to tell them that you had been dating for the past 6 months since you all met. You don't how it happened but there was spark between you, obviously you started out as friends. Getting to know each other but eventually in ended with Taehyung kissing you while staying over at your place with a mass amount of takeaway and movies. You were happy, finally got the guy you were crushing on since you first met.

You both kept it a secret since Bangtan were still fairly new and the dating ban so they could concentrate on their practises. The manager knew but understood that you always pushed him towards his work, instead of him throwing it away to be with you, so they allowed it and that made you squeal with excitement to the point where the rest of Bangtan questioned your mental stability. Taehyung knew exactly what had happened and beamed at you, the others just looked at you both weirdly but what concerned you was Jungkook, he looked as if he was hurt by the look you shared Tae but you didn't question it.

You attended a lot of their practises, sometimes when they're recording as well. It was obvious that you had affection towards the group as you made sure they were fed, sleeping and all the rest of it. You were always with Tae, Jungkook and Jimin and it's not that you preferred them over the hyungs, they were just more around your age and they have more energy to play around.

When Taehyung was doing his part of the work or just wasn't available, you hung around Jungkook or Jimin, after all they are your friends. It was a wonderful laugh, Jungkook always made you smile when you were feeling a little sad but they never knew the reason why was because you couldn't see Tae. He was younger than you, he was like a little brother you never had so you valued the friendship like one.

So, here you are now, waiting to tell the rest of Bangtan the wonderful news about you and Tae. What were you waiting for? Tae pretty much shouted it at everyone.

"ME AND Y/N ARE DATING!" He shouted, his box like grin filled his face as he showed his excitement to his band mates.

Namjoon, Jin and Yoongi gave you both hugs and said about time as it was obvious that you both have feelings for each other, they were just waited for it to happen. Jimin looked slight defeated but gave you both a comforting hug but you couldn't help but think about the way his face fell slightly but the most noticeable one was jungkook. He frowned and you didn't know why.


We were all sat on the couch, waiting for whatever V hyung needed to talk about but I didn't understand why Y/N was stood with him, why was she up there?
Ah, Y/N. She was beautiful, in all aspects of the word. She had a smile that was damn oerfect and eyes that glimmered when she was around Taehyung but that was what his problem was, it was only around Taehyung.

You spent more time with him, he had a little feeling inside of him that you had feelings for his hyung. I refused to acknowledge the feeling and continued to swoon over her, she didn't noticed because I never showed a sign. I hung around her a lot, just like Jimin hyung and V hyung but unfortunately I fell for her even harder.

Jimin hyung noticed one day and confronted me about it.

"Jungkookie? Do you like Y/N/?" He whispered while we was in the dance studio. I nodded but continued to admire her from afar, at first I didn't mind but then I did.

It ended up with us 6 guys on the couch while Taehyung reached for her hand and held it tightly. My heart cracked, I didn't let it show but when Taehyung shouted "ME AND Y/N ARE DATING!" at us. I couldn't help but let my face fall. I didn't ask to fall for her and I should of read all the noticeable signs but I refused to, my stupid brain let my heart take course and be non-logical.

I smiled at her and offered a congratulations but I left the room afterwards, I didn't want to be in the way while they were being congratulated, not when my own heart was broken.

Everyone hugged you both, it was nice to know that they expected the two of you to be together but jimin still made you feel like you have done something wrong. So you decided to confront him but before you did, Jungkook gave you a weak smile and a congratulations and left the room. What was that?

You sat down on the couch next to Jimin and fired him with questions.
"What's wrong? Did I do something wrong? Why did you frown at me Chim" you rattled on, scared of his answers.

"You did nothing wrong, you never will do anything wrong. It's just that.." he trailed off, not wanting to answer your questions.

"just what Jimin" you never used his name, this proved that you were being serious and needed him to finish the sentence to be finished.

"Y/N, Jungkook likes you" he whispered it because Taehyung sat down next to me but it wasn't quiet enough, Taehyung heard it. He didn't react because he already knew that he younger brother of his liked you.

You told Tae that you were going to talk to Jungkook so you went to go find him, in hopes that he is ok. You felt guilty but you had no reason to.

You walked into his room with a heavy knock on the door, you sat down next to him on his bed.
"Jungkook, is it true?" you broke the silence with a gentle voice.
"Y/N" he sighed, "You know it is"

You were surprised. "Jungkook I'm so sorry" your eyes watered because you unintentionally hurt a dear friend.
"I'm so sorry that I hurt you, I didn't mean to" you begged at him.
"Y/N, calm down" he smiled
"yes, I like you but I like that you are dating V hyung because he deserves you and you deserve him. This is a little crush that I have, I can easily get over this with time." he continued on, it was making you feel a little better but you still felt horrible.

"Kookie, you're like my little brother and I don't want you to hate me! Just please don't hide your self away from them and this is my fault so it's probably better if don't come back round, goodbye Jungkoook" You smiled and walked out. You wasn't saying goodbye for real, you went back to the boy so that you and Taehyung could go back to your place but you were going to make it easier for him by not being around as often.


She told me she won't be around as often to make it easier for me, that was what she thought but internally, I'm dying, I don't want her to leave to make it easier because I don't care if she is dating my hyung. I want her around

But she left and I'm hurting alone.
I'm hurting.


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