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"This is the fifth time you've canceled our date!" you yelled in frustration.

"Well, what do you want me to do?! I'm an idol, my schedule is always packed!" he shouted back.

"I know you're busy,but five times? Really? If you're gonna cancel, then don't even bother asking me out," you snapped back at him.

"You think I want to cancel? I want to spend time with you too!"

"It doesn't look that way to me, you even got into a scandal with Guj joo!"

Silence engulfed the room.

"Oh, so it must be true then."

"Of course not, you know we're just friends."

"If you two were really just friends, why did you drag me to go buy her a birthday gift in the middle of our date?"

"I didn't know what to get her!"

"So? Do you really think I wanted to help you buy a gift for another girl?"

Once again, no word was spoken between the two of you. Your eyes shifted around the room, wondering why this was happening.

"You know what? I'm done. Call me when you have time for me," you said, cutting off the silence. You immediately ran out of the house, hoping he would chase after you and apologize.

But he never did.

You continued walking through the streets of Seoul, reminiscing the dates the two of you went on when he wasn't busy being an idol. You saw plenty of couples walking in the streets and you couldn't help but allow the tears to well up in your eyes. Why couldn't you be like them? Where had all the special moments gone? You continued walking as the tears streamed down your face. You were staring at the ground, noticing the cracks in the concrete that resembled your current brokenness. What you didn't notice, though, was that as you were beginning to walk across the street, the walk signal had already turned red. All you heard were multiple blaring horns and the yells of people on the sidewalk before you caught sight of the headlights that were coming straight in your direction.

By then it was too late.


It had been a few hours since you had been taken and admitted into the hospital, but Jin still hadn't been informed. He had been sitting in his room and thinking about the argument that had happened between the two of you. His phone buzzed and interrupted his train of thought.

[8:47 PM]

Jhope: Hyung! You need to come back now. The boss wants to see our new songs.

[8:49 PM]

Jin: Ok. I'm coming.

Jin heaved a deep sigh and shoved his phone in his pocket.He decided it was probably best to let you calm down and talk it out with you later.


"Your debut is coming soon, so get ready for an extremely packed schedule. You guys can have 3 days off to spend time with family and friends," Boss told the boys.

A chorus of thank yous and subtle cheers were heard from the rest of the members.

Rap Monster suggested to go out to eat as a celebration. The members piled up in a car and drove a restaurant. Everyone was excited for the small break, but all Jin could think about was you. Time passed slowly, but soon enough Jungkook asked Jin why he was still there with them. Jin just sat there, staring at Jungkook with a dumbfounded look on his face. Jungkook decided to break the silence and tell him what was going on.

"My little sister just texted me saying your girlfriend is in the ER getting ready for surgery." he clarified.

Jin froze, and everything around him ceased. The thoughts of what might've happened to you when you walked out during the fight were unfathomable. Just when he was about to speak, his phone buzzed in his pocket. It was your brother demanding to know where he was. Without a word to the other members, Jin immediately got up and fled the restaurant. Tears welled up in his eyes as he sped toward the hospital. When he finally arrived at the hospital, he sprinted to the front desk and asked where your room was. The lady noticed the extremely desperate look on his face and rapidly replied with room 302. Rushing to the elevator, he repeatedly pushed the button to go up. Having no patience for the elevator, he immediately ran for the stairs and stumbled to your room. The first thing he saw was your family and best friend weeping. You have just been moved out of the ER, and the doctor was talking to your family. When the doctor saw Jin approaching, it wasn't hard for him figure out that Jin was your lover. As JIn clumsily strode over to the doctor and your father, the doctor gave Jin an apologetic look and excused himself. Jin looked at your father with pleading eyes. Eyes that pleaded that you were okay and that everything was alright. Eyes that contained guilt, despair and sorrow.

His vision completely blurred as the words traveled out of your dad's mouth.

"She's in a coma and has a 20% chance of waking up. Sorry, son."

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