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"I just don't get what you see in him. He is so quiet and shy and barely talks to anyone. You would honestly rather sit with him at lunch rather than someone like... like Hoseok?" Your best friend asked in disbelief. The two of you stood side by side in the cafeteria of your high school. You held your tray of food close to your body. It was the beginning of your second semester and everyone was waiting for the moment when the senior boys started asking all the girls to prom. This was your senior year and you remembered that the previous three years, you spent them trying to get close to senior boys in the hopes that one of them would find you good enough to ask to prom.

Now that it was your senior year, you were determined to find a date to the honored dance. The last thing you really wanted was to start freaking out about the possibility of going alone, but with the pressure being placed on you not only from the fellow classmates, but also from your best friend. She was constantly attacking you with questions about when you were going to get a boyfriend or find a boyfriend to date.

You tired your best to side step her questions, but she would always bring it back up in the middle of any conversation. Now, you had made the mistake of suggesting that maybe you get to know some of your male classmates. She was all aboard for the idea, until you mentioned that the boy who you wanted to hang out with was Seokjin. He was a few months older than you, and one of the better looking boys in the class, but he was also the quietest boys. You had at least one class with him every year since junior high. "I just don't understand why you want to waste time on him. I heard that Hoseok has a crush on you and wanted to ask you to prom. All you have to do is talk to him." You friend continued to try and pursued you to sit with the popular boy in class.

You looked over at the table on your right. Hoseok was sitting on top of the lunch table, surrounded by his fellow classmates. There were both girls and boys crowding around him. You had to admit, he was really good looking and super funny. But he was not someone who you would usually fall for. He spent far too much time trying to win the heart of every girl in the school that he would neglect whoever he was actually with. You looked at the other end of the café and smiled when you saw Jin sitting at the farthest table alone. He had a book opened beside his food and was staring intently at the words on the pages as he nibbled on the food in front of him.

"Nah, I think I would rather sit with Jin. If Hoseok wants to ask me to prom, then he can take it upon himself." You told her as you started to make your way to the table at the far corner. You stopped right in front of him and coughed a bit awkwardly when he still didn't notice you standing there. He snapped his head up to look at you when he heard your cough. You smiled down at his confused face as he stared at you. "Hi... I'm (Y/N)." You told him as you stuck out your hand. He stared at it silently but did not shake it. You let your hand drop awkwardly. "So, um, do you mind if I sit with you?" You asked in a shy voice. The longer you were standing in front of him, the weirder you were starting to feel.Maybe he really was the wrong choice. You thought to yourself.

Jin slowly nodded his head and moved his own tray so you could put yours down across from him. You smiled at him again and placed your tray down. "Um, what are you reading?" You tried your best to make conversation, but you were starting to find it a little difficult since he was not really responding. "It's a book about how to compose music." He told you as he held up the book. You nodded your head. Okay, so at least he was talking. And music, that is pretty cool. "That is really cool. So you are interested in music?" You could see the shift in the way he held himself the moment you started talking about something he was passionate about.

He opened his mouth to say something, when he was suddenly cut off by the sound of another boy's voice. "Hey, (Y/N)!" You turned around and your eyes widened in surprise when you saw Hoseok standing in front of you. He was holding up a bouquet of roses out towards you and behind him, some of the boys from the baseball team were holding up a banner that read 'Prom?' on it. You couldn't help but cover your mouth as you gapped at the sight before you. You never thought that someone would go through so much trouble to ask you to prom, but Hoseok completely proved you wrong. "So, what do you say?" He asked as you continued to remain silent. You snapped out of your own mind.

"Yes, I'll go to prom with you." You said with a smile as you jumped up to your feet and threw your arms around him. Maybe he isn't just a womanizer. You thought to yourself as he twirled you around in a circle. He let go of you but left his arm around your shoulder. "You all hear that. This girl is mine now, so no one better mess with her." He exclaimed to the cheering cafeteria in a cocky voice. You blushed slightly at how he wasn't afraid to show you off, but at the same time you felt a little awkward under his arm. You glanced behind you and saw Jin staring back down at his book. He wide shoulders seemed to slump forward a bit and you felt a little bad for having said yes the way you had while sitting with him.

It's not like you two liked each other. For all you know, you were the only one who had feelings. You reminded yourself as Hoseok took you back to his table to meet all of his 'friend.' You listened as he started rattling off random names and what club each person was a part of and so on and so forth. You tried to focus on everything he was saying, but you couldn't help but let your eyes wander back to the lone boy sitting alone at the back of the café.

"Don't worry, most guys like meeting with their date at the dance." Your best friend reassured you as you sat in the back of the rented limo with her and her date. Hoseok had insisted on meeting at the dancing; saying something about having to wait to hear back from something or other. The weeks had passed quickly and the next thing you knew you were already heading to prom. Hoseok and had spent a few days at first trying to actually get to know you. But as the dance started get closer, he started to lose interest a bit. His once sweet text messages became one worded responses and now he rarely even responded to your questions about the dance.

You shook your head no as you listened to your friend making excuses for your date. "I don't know. Maybe I was a little rash in agreeing to go with Hoseok." Yu started to say with you friend quickly cut you off. "No, absolutely not. He is the most popular boy in the school. Any girl would die to have him ask her out, especially with a banner and roses." He said, giving her own date a sideway glance. He had only used one poster to ask her to the dance.

You rolled your eyes a bit and let out a sigh as the limo pulled up to the parking lot of the venue where prom would be held. The Venue itself looked amazing and the inside was even more spectacular. There were diamond chandeliers hanging from the ceiling all over the place and almost the entire building seemed to be made of gold. You looked around the ballroom in awe, until your eyes settled on the couple who were in the middle of taking their picture near the stage where the prom queen and king would later be seated. You watched as Hoseok pulled his ex-girlfriend closer to his body.

You could feel tears starting to fill your eyes as you looked at him. He looked as though he had completely forgotten about you. He was even wearing a suit that matched with her blue dress instead of your pink one. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry (Y/N). I just heard from one of the guys on the baseball team that Hoseok got back with his ex-girlfriend a few days ago. He was waiting to hear back from her about prom, that's why he came without you..." You friend told you as she rushed to your side. You tried your best to shrug it off. After all, this was kind of what you had expected from the start. You turned around to leave the venue when you saw Jin standing in front of you.

He looked down at you and had a small smile on his face. "Hey, (Y/N), I know the dance isn't really a great place to be doing this... but I wanted to tell you that... Well, that I like you. I've liked you ever since the first day of junior high when I saw you in math class. I know you came here with Hoseok, and I know that I could never compete with a guy like him. But I... I hope you could find it in yourself to give me a shot." He said as he held out a single rose for you. You stared at it in shock and you could almost hear your friend gasp beside you. You smiled at how shy Jin looked as he held out the rose to you. His hand was even shaking slightly. "Yes, I would love that." You told him as you took the rose in your hand. "And don't worry about Hoseok. He has nothing on you."

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