Rap Monster(Requested)

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Valentines Day. What is Valentines Day? It's a day where boys or girls profess their love to the other gender. But some people don't have the time to be in a relationship or they are just- well rejected. Some are stuck in this mushy atmosphere in this time of the year with people bringing chocolate and sweets to the person they love, most girls of course, many even give letters and shyly confess. Ugh.

Minji's the name and I have a crush in my best friend and the popular kid, Kim Namjoon. I've always had a small crush on him and it quickly faded when he had a girlfriend. However, it came back and I just thought it would be another puppy love but I was wrong. It became more than that. It became me loving him and wanting him to be by my side.

Thinking now, I can't confess at all... It's just because he is my friend- my best friend and I don't want to be all awkward with him. Especially if he rejects me and feels guilty. I don't want to risk our little friendship, that's hard to get back again. My other friends always encourage me to confess and even threaten me if I don't confess that they would. It never works as I will back out have way and pretend nothing ever happened, repeating the same routine again and again.

Honesty, today I haven't seen him at all until, this afternoon when I went to the rooftop.  "Hmm? What is it?" I ask when I see him at the rooftop chilling out, even if he is just sitting there, my heart beats uncontrollably. We always come here to relax and get away from drama. We even named it our secret place.

"Do... you like anyone?" He suddenly asked and I held my breath, processing what he was asking. What should I even say? Yes or no?

"Hmm... No no one in particular. You...?" I ask back hoping he won't answer to my question.

"I do... but that person won't like me" He said and I felt as if my heart stopped beating and a pang hit my heart like a million knifes had stabbed me. No, this was even worse than that. It was indescribable.

"W-who?" I asked trying to cover up the sadness, clearing my throat.

"That... is a secret!" He playfully said and ran off. I ran towards him acting like normal so he wouldn't notice what I was feeling right now.

"HMPH! OPPA! Tell me!" I yelled as I tried catching up to him.

"NEVER!" He yelled back, running quite far away. After school I waiting for him at the school gates like we would use to but he never appeared so I left.


I sat in my bed that night not wanting to eat anything because I was so depressed, thinking about what Namjoon had told me before... "Minji-ah it's mom open up" Mom knocked on the door telling me to open it. I refused.

"Mom I want to be alone now... please" I pleaded wanting some alone time sobbing quietly, my voice cracking a bit.

"Fine... Minji-ah the food is on the able and call me if you need anything" She said. I could tell she was worried but i couldnt help but stay on the floor crying my eyes out because I was depressed. I kept on telling myself that I will get over him and support him in his relationship like I had used to. I was woken up by a ringing from my phone and realised that i must've fell asleep while crying. Looking at my caller ID I widened my eyes and wiped my dry tears as I saw the name I didnt want to see right now. Kim Namjoon. At first I was hesitant to pick up the phone call but then I thought that if I want to get over him, I should act like nothing had happened.

[Phone conversation]

"Hello...?" I said in an sulky voice.

"Minji? What happened?" He said in an panicking voice over the line.

"N-nothing... What is it?" I answered.

"Minji... tell me" He demanded.

"I SAID IT'S NOTHING!" I yelled as I had enough of his caring.

"Okay. Minji come to the park" He said.

"W-why should I?" I stuttered.

"Help me talk with her" He said and I was confused as what he said. I guessed he sensed that I was confused. "...I'm going to confess" He finally said and I dropped the phone. "Hello?" "Minji?"

"OH hello? I'm here" I said as I recovered from my shock. "..." "Okay I'll help you" I agreed after awhile.

"Okay come to the park quick" He said and hanged up after I sadly agreed. I stood up my legs all wobbly and slowly got dressed to meet him and face whoever that was going to be his girlfriend. Why did he have to ask me though? To give me more pain I already have or to show he didn't need me anymore?

[At the park]

*Huff huff* "I'm here Namjoon... *huff huff* where is she?" I asked as I tried to get my energy back scanning the empty park for signs of a girl.

"She's already here" He said after looking at his watch.

"Huh? Where?" I asked looking around to only find us two.

"Here..." He answered and pointed at me. I was shocked that he was pointing at me.

"Me...?" I asked as I pointed to myself.

"Lee Minji would you be my one and only girl?" He asked as he kneeled down. I raised a brow at his chessy way of confessing. Although, I didn't expect this to happen, and tears were spilling out of my eyes making lose my vision, I have to admit it was cheesy, not like Rap monster I know but more like Kim Namjoon that I've yearned to love.

Seeing me crying Namjoon panicked and stood up. "Are you okay? Please stop crying... please" He sadly said in regret for making me cry. "It's okay if you don't love me, I'll wait for you until you can actually lear-" I stopped his babbling with a light kiss showing that I actually feel the same. He was indeed in shock but soon closed his eyes as pulled me closer. "Minji..."

"Hmm?" I ask tilting my head when we broke the light kiss.

"So... Is that a yes?"He asked rubbing his nape shyly.

"No! Of course not!" I said and he widened his eyes, "what do you think pabo?" I asked and he let a sign of relief.

"So is it?" He asked again gulping.

"You can say so..." I told him and his expression brightened right away, hugging me.

"Thank you, Minji!' He then swing me around laughing, I give me a angry look after he puts me down and he frowns. "What's wrong?"

"You should've told me earlier! Look at my puffy eyes! It's all oppa's fault!" I stomped angrily. He pinched my cheeks and examined my face.

"Aigoo~ your so cute~" he cooed and I blushed, "Minji... Your always pretty in my eyes." He said staring deeply into my eyes.

"Oppa? Since when did you become cheesy?" I asked.

"Since, you entered my heart" he said another cheesy line. I finally figured out that Jimin had gave him some lessons on being cheesy.

"Aigoo~ I should teach JImin oppa a lesson" I said and he hugged me.

"Don't even teach him a lesson, he might steal you from me!" He shouted and cutely pouted.

"Don't worry Oppa, because in my heart, there would alway be you"

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