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It's been days since you two last talked, weeks since you two last seen each other, and months since you started feeling neglected. You sat at your desk table with your head held against your palms as your elbows rested on the top of your desk. Exhaustedly you lifted your head and found the last picture you had taken together. It was exactly a year ago on your 18th birthday. And today you were 19 but your boyfriend hadn't yet wished you a happy birthday and it was already getting late.

Just then your phone vibrated beside you and half-heartedly you sat up and opened the message, knowing that it wasn't going to be your half-ass of a boyfriend.

Noona, saengil chukha-haeyo <3 I love you... lots. I really do~ ! Just don't tell hyung because I'd get in big trouble... like really BIG trouble so don't tell ! Hehe once again happy birthday, saranghae, noona. I hope you had a great one !


Tears burned your eyes but you smiled at the sweet text and replied.

Thanks a bunch. I feel so much better, and don't worry, your secret's safe with me ;)


After sending the message to Jungkook you decided to get some fresh air. You were born in December, indeed a winter baby so you grabbed a jacket, mittens and a beanie that matched Jins very own favorite beanie. You slipped into boots and stepped out. The cold air hit your face and a wave of relieve washed over you, as a smile formed on your face. You walked to the place where you and Jin would often go to get some quiet time in the outside air, the park. It was around 9 and there was no one around in the dark area but you didn't care at the moment you just wanted to be somewhere that made you feel at least a little close to him. You wondered around going deeper into the park where very few people would go but it was a place where you and Jin had always found the most peace. You had been wondering for too long without knowing how long you had actually been outside. It was nearly 11 when your phone vibrated in your pocket and you took it out only to find another message but from Namjoon this time.

Happy birthday noona ! When I saw the video post this morning I was wondering why Jin-hyung was singing and speaking so sweetly until I realized how much he was blushing. Well noona, I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner, but still I hope you made the best of it even without us and hyung. I know he misses you a lot. He tells us all the time to come a check on you when we're free. So that's why Jungkook and I always come and invade your space. And for that we're sorry, noona, we just want to be sure you're okay.


Confusion filled your face as you tried to think of what Namjoon was talking about. You quickly logged onto Twitter watched the latest post Bts made. You click on the Link and it send you to a Youkube video. Jin shy smile greeted you, he shyly waved and awkward shifted in his seat.

"It's nearly winter and I wanted to say happy birthday to all you winter babies," he grinned cutely making you automatically smile. "So I will sing a song for you guys."

On a cold winter day, God has sent an angel on earth for one person.

After a long time passed,

That angel who has given so much love

Had been hurt and shed tears but the angel still smiled at me.

He softly smiled at the camera and tears came running down your cheeks. You used one hand to hold the phone as the other one covered your mouth as you sobbed. You were both touched and upset at the moment. Touched because Jin didn't forget and he even managed to sing you a birthday song and upset because he wasn't there physically with you. Once Bts had began promoting back in April you had stopped seeing him overall and soon the calls and web-chats had become the same.

After we loved and were separated for a bit

This is the angel's first birthday

I can't be next to you but

Happy birthday, happy birthday,

I thank the one who gave birth to you.

Once again, happy birthday.

Happy birthday, I love you so much.

You were crying harder than ever as finished the last line. Jin showed a loving smile before he made a heart and waved and the screen went black. You locked the phone before stuffing it in your pocket where it belonged and covered your face as you sobbed to yourself on the park bench.

"Baby ?" that angelic voice whispered almost inaudibly as he stared at you with wide and confused eyes. You looked up in shock thinking that he was only a figment of your imagination seeing that you kept wanting to see him so bad, and met his wide and worrisome eyes.

He closed his eyes and sighed in relief as he pulled you in for a tight hug, "what are you doing here ? I've been looking for you everywhere." You buried your face into his chest and sobbed. "I was so scared, baby do you want to explain to me what the hell are you doing here all alone ?" His voice both angry yet concern, he pulled away staring straight into your eyes with troublesome eyes. You couldn't bring yourself together to answer him so you shook your head as continuous tears flowed down your cheeks.

He cupped your face and pulled you closer getting rid of the gap that was between you two before, "do you know how worried I was ?" His voice softened along with his expression.

"I just wanted to be somewhere close to you," you confessed in-between sobs while your voice came out muffled against his chest.

He soothed your back with his hands until you finally calmed in his embrace. "I'm sorry," he mumbled. "I'm sorry I was late. But technically we still have an hour until your birthday ends." You felt him smile against your shoulder and you squeezed him lightly, "what do you want to do ? Anything you want, I'll grant it for you."

You pulled away and blinked at him, "Jin... what are you- when did you- how... ?"

He chuckled as his hands found yours, "are you going to finish any of those questions for me sweetheart ?" But to answer his question you only sent him a lost expression. He smiled and squeezed your hands, "as soon as we got off the plane I came straight to your place."

Instead of being touched you glared at him and shoved his chest away, "I thought you forgot about me." You frowned and attempted to leave him in the dark park by himself but he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you into a loving back hug nuzzling into your neck.

"How could I, you the only one that's on my mind. So... did you like the video ?" He questions and you laugh. "But that's not the only thing I got for you of course, your gifts at your apartment. Let's go~"

You take his hand as he leads you back home.

"Baby don't ever do that again. Do you know how vulnerable you are out here during this hour ?" He says as you two reached your apartment building.

You chuckled sheepishly and rubbed the back of your neck, "sorry I scared you."

He turned to face you as you two reached your door and he touched your chin lightly before placing a soft kiss on your lips, "just don't do it again." He whispered before swinging the door open.

The lights switched on before you could step in and Bts jumped out from their hiding places, "SURPRISE !" and greeted you with excited smiles.

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