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"chimchim-ah..." you mumbled tiredly to Jimin.

"Yes, sweetheart," he answered.

You yawned tiredly and rubbed your closed eyes, "I'm tired." You whined with a frown and he chuckled.

"Alright, come here my little princess," he said with that signature eye smile of us as he turned his back to you.

You beamed tiredly and climbed onto his back, "thank you, Jimin." You cooed snuggling into his shoulder.

"That's me, your very own guardian," he smiled.

"Hyung, you're so whipped," Jungkook laughed.

"Hey," you lifted your head ready to defend your boyfriend who only laughed at the comment.

"What can you do though, she's too adorable." NAmjoon commeted.

"Thank you," you smiled at the smiling angel before closing your eyes and leaning against Jimin's shoulder.

"Plus, she's as light as a feather so it doesn't matter, Jimin doesn't even feel it, right ?" Taehyung cutely added.

"Don't embarrass me," you whined stuffing your face into Jimin's shoulder. "Ah, Jin your kids are so talkative." You complained.

"Aren't you part of my 'kids' ?" He asked with a raise brow.

"Yeah, I mean you are younger than me," Taehyung commented.

"Which makes you only a month older than me," Jungkook grinned and you laugh.

"But that doesn't count because you're too cute," you said praising Jungkook good looks and he grinned. "Unlike your hyung," you made a face.

"You know babe, I'm right here," Jimin informed.

You took a deep breath, "I know, how could I forget," you confessed with a smile as you lightly squeezed him.

"I thought you were tired," Suga commented.

You grinned mischievously with your eyes closed, "not really just wanted Jimin's  attention." You joked and they all laughed.

"You know I may not show it all the time but I'm always paying attention to you, slightly scared that you could trip on the cracks in the sidewalk, maybe even from the flatness of the ground itself," he teased with a playful smile.

"Meanie," you mumbled not changing positions at all.

"Alright, you guys head home first, and let me take this baby home," Jimin ordered and they all nodded.

"Aniya," you said loudly before you guys could separate, "I'm okay... Now," you lied with a smile although you were still tired, as you got down from Jimin's back. "You guys get home, don't worry about me. I'll be fine, good night and sweet dreams," you gave them your sweetest smile as you leaned in kissing Jimin's cheek and left.

"Don't let the bed bugs bite," Jungkook added with a cute smile and you chuckled and nodded at him.

You yawned as you stepped away from the boys. You were beyond tired today with all the studying you've been doing and work also played a role in this hassle. Not only that things at home with your Oppa and your parents weren't doing well either. Slowly making your way home you stumbled on your own two feet in the dark and almost went flailing towards the ground, oh no, you thought embracing yourself to hit the ground hard. But it never came instead two steady arms held you safely as your hero lifted you up bridal style.

"Liar, you are nowhere near fine. And baby I told you, be careful. You're something very fragile and important to me." Although he was scolding you, the smile on his face said otherwise.

You blinked at him trying to process everything clearly, "what are you doing here ?"

His smile grew, "I'm your guardian, so I'll always be there to catch your fall."

You smiled softly and hugged him, "what will I do without you ?"

"Live in a bubble," he teased, and despite your tired eyes you managed to laugh a little.

As tired as you were you didn't want to fall asleep on him it just wouldn't be fair because he did so much for you, "baby, you can sleep." He informed, "I mean I know how tired you are."

You shook your head, "I want to stay with you." You confessed. "I miss you," you mumbled quietly.

He smiled, "I'm right here, silly girl."

"I know," your breath was slowly starting to even out, "but it's just been so long since..."
you trailed off falling asleep.

He was waiting for you to finish but when he realized you weren't he looked down only to see you fast asleep, "how did I get so lucky ?" He softy laughed to himself, "I miss too, love. I promise when I have my career all figured out you won't have to miss me ever again." he whispered as he walked up your to your door ready to ring the door bell.

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