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"Ow!" Hoseok winced. "Baby, that hurt!" He whined.

"Well you should've thought of that before you got into a fight with Suga again." You sighed and grabbed a bandage from the first-aid kit. Opening the bandage and carryfully placing it over the corner the side of his forehead where he got a cut probably because of some of the rings that Suga wears on his fingers.

He frowned, "he was insulting you again."

You laughed throwing the cotton balls stained with his blood into the trash before putting the first-aid kit away, "you mean insulting you?"

"He's just jealous that you're mine," Hoseok pouted before hopping of the bathroom sink and wrapping his arms around your waist as you stood up after putting the first-aid kit away at the bottom of the bathroom cabinet.

You smiled and patted his hands around your before you freed yourself from his grasp, "well next time keep your cool, I don't want to lose my amazing boyfriend." You said turning around to kiss his cheek but he wasn't satisfied as he followed you out like a lost puppy.

"You missed a spot," he informed as he plopped himself beside you on the couch.

He was extremely touchy today and you weren't sure why but you didn't mind sometimes it felt good to be in his embrace.

"What?" You asked looking over at him.

He pouted his lower lip cutely and pointed to it, "see, it's swelling."

You laughed, "I already put ointment on it. It should heal by tomorrow." You stated making him frown.

"That's not what I'm talking about," he stared at you intently. Although it was only because he was serious Hoseok actually had a really intimidating stare.

You backed away on instinct, "Hoseok, you're scarying me." And with that he rolled his eyes and sighed.

You blinked at him, confused before you crawled to him and poked his sides, knowing that he was ticklish making him jolt up a little and you giggled.

"Why the long face, babe?" You asked.

He ignored you and turned his back to you.

"Aw, come on. I'll do anything you want as long as you wipe that nasty scowl off your face and become my happy panda again."

He turned around slowly with a huge grin on your face that nearly scared you at how creepy he looked. You jumped a little but didn't say anything just in case you'd hurt his man pride again and make him upset.

"Anything?" He questioned his grinning growing, if that was even possible.

You nodded hesitantly, "anything..."

He chuckled and lifted his chin tapping his lips, "kiss."

You weren't fluent in English but you knew that much, you pulled back a little staring intensely at his bruised lips as he leaned forward but you pushed his head away, "except that."

He opened his eyes and stared at you in utter shock, "but you said- Do not go back on your words now." He stated sternly.

You pouted, if there was anyone who had much cuter aegyo than Hoseok it'd be you and he knew it as he closed his eyes calmly and shook his head, "uh-uh, sweetheart, do not act cute with me."

You leaned your body against his side and cutely rested your chin on his shoulder, "Hoseok," you softly uttered making him open his eyes.

He stared at you wide eyed trying his best to not give in. And as he did so he gave you his best puppy dog eyes, "please?"

You giggled lifting your chin off of his shoulder.

And just then he turned his body to face yours, before he brought his right fist you his cheek and said, "buing buing," sending you an adorable wink.

Your fists met your cheeks as you squealed in delight and you leaned forward cupping his face softly before you pecked his lips, "you are so cute!" You squealed before lightly pinching his cheek.

"How are you even 21 ?" You chuckled giving him your sweetest eye smile as he moved himself closer and he pressed his lips firmly against yours. His arm snaking around your shoulders just as he pulled away and leaned against the couch pulling you into him with your back pressed against his chest.

"You're cuter." Hoseok whispered into your ear.


A/N: Thank you for requesting J-Hope is an adorable baby <3 I love him so much he makes me smile, me laugh, me cry, and so much more but in the end I still love him because he's so strange xD So cute.

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