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"Do you think they'll go away soon?" You said in a hushed voice, your hands firmly wrapped around the large gun.
"Doubt it." Jin whispered back. "Damn walkers..."

You began to shake at the memory of one of your friends being ripped to shreds by walkers; their face bleeding as they consumed him like a starving human devouring a turkey. But then again, to you, the living were nothing more then rabbits running from hungry wolves.

Jin's cold hand gripped your clammy, sweaty hand and you instantly began to relax. You were grateful for your boyfriend. And most importantly you were grateful that your boyfriend had gone to such great lengths to protect you from the living dead that currently invaded the Earth.

The growling and moaning grew louder as another walker began to wander over to the overturned school bus you two were hiding behind. The night cloaked your tired bodies, and the walkers were out wandering around the abandoned high school.

"Your knife." Jin whispered and you quickly grabbed it from your belt and handed it to him. The deathly moaning got closer and as the walker was about to detect the living flesh, Jin silently jumped up from his crouched position and dug the knife right in between the walker's eyes.

Jin quickly returned back to his crouched position next to you and began to push your further to the side. As your bare knee came in contact with something burnt you let out a small shriek before he threw a bloody hand over your mouth. In the moonlight you were able to see the pile of burned bodies you were being pressed against.

"Shhh. It's okay. Everything will be okay." Jin ran his fingers through your hair and began to silently sing into your ear. "We'll make it out of here."

You nodded and wiped a few tears that had slipped out of your eyes away. "Happy birthday."


"April 20th. It's April 20th today. Happy birthday." You rustled into your pocket and pulled out a small silver ring and placed it into his dirty hand. "I snagged it from the department store we were camped out in for a while a few months ago. I know it isn't much but-"

Jin pressed his lips against yours, "I love it. Thank you." He slipped the ring onto his finger and admired the shining silver that shone against his black, calloused hands.

You blushed, and for a moment you forgot that you were surrounded by flesh eating walkers who could painfully eat you to death. "You're welcome. I'm just happy you like it. And I'm happy that you're here with me."

Jin wrapped an arm around you, "On the count of three, let's make a run for it."


"Over there." Jin pointed to the open school gates, where there were far less walkers wandering around then the other areas. "We'll make a run for it and dash into the woods. Just shoot any walkers that come at you. I feel like this is our only option right now. I feel that waiting until day break would be even worse."

You nodded and got a firm grip on your gun, checking it to make sure it was full of ammunition.

"One. Two. Three."

On the count of three you dashed, jumping over the pile of burned bodies and instantly hearing the dozens of walkers moaning in your direction and running after you two, decaying limbs flailing. Behind you, gunshots ran out as Jin backed you up. A walker that had once been a police man lunged at you and you fired a round into his forehead and pushed his body out of the way.

"Hurry!" You called back to Jin, who was just a few paces behind you.

"I'm hurrying! This place is fucking infested!" He continued to fire, and so did you. Things weren't looking good as you knew there weren't many bullets left.
The gate was quickly approaching and you and Jin ran out of the school gates like two students on the last day of school, but of course, the walkers followed right after you. They were practically scratching at your backs as Jin joined your speed.

"Oh my god!" You tripped over a large crack in the asphalt and landed face first on the ground.

"Are you okay?!" Jin cried as he quickly helped you stand.

You looked down, your already injured leg was covered in stones, dirt and blood. Pain shot through your whole body and you didn't know if you could run anymore. But you simply nodded, "Y-Yeah."

"C'mon!" Jin urged you on and with what little strength you had left, you limped away, Jin still firing the last of his rounds into the swarm of walkers.
You fell once more. You couldn't move. You knew that. Jin called your name, you could barely hear him amongst the moans from the walkers. "Run?" You murmured.

"Run!" Jin called, turning his back to the walkers for a second to look at your limp body lying on the ground. "The car is parked just beyond that building! Forget the woods and run to the car! Hurry!"

You raised your limp body from the ground and began to jog over to the car, with Jin trailing far behind you still shooting. "Jin, hurry!" You screamed, your voice dry and your throat cracked.

He was running, but to no avail you watched as he tripped almost the same as you had earlier, and a walker quickly descended on him, ripping the flesh off his neck.

"JIN! JJJIIINNNNNN!" You cried, running towards him as he screamed and thrashed as the crowd of walkers wrestled over each other to feast on him.

"Leave me!" He cried. "Go! Go!"

You stopped in your tracks, fear still eating you up at the sight of the walkers. Far too many times you had seen members of your group be devoured by these horrible creatures. Far too many times you had shot your friends through the head with the thought The 'you' part never comes back. That part is gone forever.
Aiming your gun into the crowd, you attempted to channel every shooting lesson Jin had given you and fired your last round into the crowd. Jin thrashing and screaming silenced and his body lay lifeless on the ground. It was a clean shot right through the head.
"I love you."

The walkers now noticing their living meal had suddenly been killed, quickly directed their attention to you. You used your last of your energy and dashed to the car.

A walker pounded at your side window as you sped away from their grips and down the dark road. The passenger's seat was empty, and you now had double the supplies. You were all alone now. Nobody could back you up now. Nobody could comfort you in the night, and nobody would lend you their shoulder as you burned the shriveled body of another friend.
The next day you opted out.

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