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SPN Preferences by MarvelSPNphandom
SPN Preferencesby 𝕨𝕒𝕣𝕕𝕖𝕟
NEW GIF PREFERENCES!!! >>>> Just some preferences about supernatural. -Dean -Sam -Cas -Crowley -Lucifer -Balthazar -Gabriel -AND MORE IF REQUESTED
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Punk Rock Baby by EmileeClifford
Punk Rock Babyby Emilee johnston
Michael clifford being a Dad!?! He is a loving and caring so what could go wrong... Oh wait he is Obsessed With bing punk rock! ***LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK***
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Jack Johnson Imagines by juliavillano
Jack Johnson Imaginesby Jack is hot
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Niall Horan IMAGINE BOOK. by ridingwithnialler
Niall Horan IMAGINE S
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How To Save A Life by fablikeloutommo
How To Save A Lifeby FabLikeTommo
16 year old Madison Everett is done with everything in life. She can't stand her family, school, or even herself. She decides to end it all one day. All of the pain, tea...
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Greaser Fanfictions by kat1324
Greaser Fanfictionsby Fanfictionlife
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Ashley Purdy And Abuse by Tacos_and_bands
Ashley Purdy And Abuseby Tacos_and_bands
Ocean isn't a normal girl. Her parents abuse her. She met Ashley Purdy at a party and now she doesn't know whenever to tell him or not..
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Dr who imagines by Phantomplatypus
Dr who imaginesby Phantomplatypus
One-shots and imagines! You can even send requests!
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Can't Help Loving You// e.d. by blurryface2319
Can't Help Loving You// blurryface2319
"Honestly I haven't gotten over Skyler and the reason she dropped me. I don't know about the whole love at first sight and if it really exist, but I did fall in lov...
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Sad Luke Hemmings Imagine by Gigglylxcas
Sad Luke Hemmings Imagineby Katrina Crawford
Its my first ◡̈
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Hayes Grier Imagine by LivKitten
Hayes Grier Imagineby Olivia
I've read basically all of the Hayes fanfiction and imagines out there, so I decided to write my own.
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Blackout || Luke Hemmings by mukesarrowheart
Blackout || Luke Hemmingsby Callie ™
The last time Luke Hemmings had a blackout, his girlfriend was murdered - by Luke himself. He pleads innocent and claims that he didn't do it, They did. The voices that...
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Mechanics Of The Heart - A JJ Hamblett & Josh Cuthbert fanfic. (Union J) by HerLostSoul
Mechanics Of The Heart - A JJ Moon
Laura's pov: Laura was convinced she would never fall in love with a celebrity, especially not the new UK band, Union J. But life is full of suprises when Laura falls in...
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Surprise! by goehringoals
Surprise!by goehringoals
A fan meets Chase in an eventful way.
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You X Your Crush Imagines by HPHPHPHPHPHP
You X Your Crush Imaginesby HPHPHPHPHPHP
Crush s love story
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Forever Now (Tom Kaulitz One Shot) by Psycho-Penelope
Forever Now (Tom Kaulitz One Shot)by Penelope Cobain
Your love for him; unbearable... His love for you; still unknown... How can you be sure he loves you?
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Dylan O'Brien imagines by wocbih
Dylan O'Brien imaginesby wocbih
Every chapter is a different scenario between you and Dylan which could vary from a high school hook up to make out session with him as a vampire. (ALL IMAGINES ARE WRI...
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Breathless//Sodapop Curtis by Destructive_Minds
Breathless//Sodapop Curtisby Olivia
Alex Greene is one of the toughest Greasers in town. After getting kicked out of the house by her parents and her brothers death, she runs to her best friend Sodapop for...
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Imagine by SunsetDriver
Imagine yourself on a little lake...
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My Anime Oneshots (Requests Open) by Disastergirl1
My Anime Oneshots (Requests Open)by DesiRae
Hullo! This book is exactly as the title says! All mine, requests are open! Here will be a collection of my Own anime one shots. Below will be a list of the anime I have...
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